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Guess what :-)


A couple of days ago life really felt bad, it felt slightly better after my ranting, then it was a sort of down and up ride the rest of that day..
Next day was a lot better, not great, but Tore and I had a lot more conversations then normal for the last 2 weeks.
Then, today, picture it, it is afternoon, we sit and watch MacGyver on the TV and then, then it happens… πŸ˜›

What you might say, or, you might already think you know the answer… πŸ˜‰

Well, how well do you know me? Not that good… πŸ˜›

The mailman came…

Guess what he did…


Yes, he slid…


package through our mailslot in the door…

What else should he have done… πŸ˜‰

And, lo and behold, that contained a nice little folder I bought on ebay with black & white pictures from along the Railroads and in the Cripple Creek District it self – why the joy then as I did have all of those already? πŸ™‚
Well, it did have 1 new picture for me – and it was the first one I saw too!

I now have a second picture of the electric train running from the Gold Coin Mine in Victor to the Economic Mill, and it was a great picture too as it shows the little electric engine almost head on!!
Thank you so much seller of this item – you really made my day!!!! πŸ™‚

So, I’m getting one step closer to modeling this too – come back in about 10 years time… LOL

I just had to post and share this good thing, as I did the bad things.

Take care who ever is out there


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This is why I love modeling!


Below is the reason why I do love modeling!! πŸ™‚

Mountain Boy

This is a gmax model of the Mountain Boy in Cripple Creek, and a model I’ve worked on since yesterday afternoon.

I just love the look, I think I have the touch… πŸ˜‰

Now, to take that cabin and remove it as a separate file so I can add some shadows to it while trying to make a small “picture story” to a friend of mine trying to get the hang of gmax. πŸ™‚

The result and the knowing that I can share this with friends and other people is what drives me – and which for me makes all the work and research & time spent on it well worth it!!

Yes, my good mood is back!

All the best


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Life suck…


As long as I have this thing, let me use it…

I’m pretty sure most people have had it, the feeling of being mad and angry at all and nobody…

I have had that feeling now for over a week, and it don’t seem to want to go away either… 😦

For me it is related to the fact that I have got this feeling of that the one thing that really have bounded my husband Tore and me together has been violated and broken. 😦
The communication…

We used to be able to talk about almost all kind of stuff, it used to be all kind of stuff, but somethings got off limit after we became a couple..
Then, the last 8-9 months at least things gone bad, very rapidly the latest months…

With a top 1,5 week ago when he decided to go on a trip back home to Norway alone and without even discussion it with me.

For me it was like being told “I don’t want to be with you, I don’t want to talk with you” and it was like we no longer had this good thing together.

I deal with it bad, using all opportunities to give him little hints and “sharp needlesticks” verbally whenever I get an opportunity as I really disliked the way things happen and want to give it back to him with interests…
For me that is a very bad way of behaving, I know that, but I still do it as it feels for me the only way to make him suffer like I felt I suffer.
I live by a rule very often which is “eyes for an eye, teeth’s for a tooth”…
Done that most of my life, was my way of keeping above and not drown under other people…
You pick on me, expect it back…

Well, Tore came home yesterday night, and we hardly spoken since…

He was in Norway for a reason, how it went, I don’t know as he seems to not want to tell me… 😦

We spoke each day he was gone, up to several times, but not the part related to his trip…
That he avoided, and still do so I’m still hostile towards him.

He feels he has no control over his life, and it seems like he also feels like I control his life. I might do just that, but no more then he allows me.
If he don’t object and fight for what he believes and thinks, sure I will get it my way – such is life.
But don’t come and complain later I control the life, as he never did anything to control it himself!!

The life we have no sucks big time.

He has no job – that makes his life bad.
He has diabetes that almost made him blind on one eye and left scars – that makes his life bad.
We where suppose to move home to Norway and build a house at his and his brother’s cabin – that seems to be gone down the drain and I sort of don’t care as I don’t want to move…
He want to move as this place is bad memories due to the way he lost his job..
I don’t want to move due to the way the thing with the cabin has gone and the fact that I really like it here…

And, there we are stuck…

His brother is handicapped so have a guardian and some official part running his money – they seems to want to screw Tore all over and that mess things real up.
His trip was a try to clear things up as mailing back and forward through a lawyer is not getting anywhere…
But, not a ting to tell me, or even discuss it is a thing I don’t like very much as it do concern me too as he wants to move there…

I never been afraid for my relations ship before, but this thing, this is scary…

Not being able to talk together is a very bad and scary thing.

I hate it, I react badly on it, and now, now I share it with the world – what is happening!

Well, I needed to rant, and writing do help a little, but now, now I go read the Trainz forum while listening to the Dr. Demento show at KACV FM using Realplayer.

So, I’m out of here!

Best wishes all, and Tore, I DO love YOU!!


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Modeling, do we need it?


Need to play with this blog thingy, and after figuring out how to make categories I figured I better write some words about modeling too.

I’m not sure about you, but I do need modeling!

There are something with the feel you get after you have made something your self that is so great that it is very hard to explain how it is.
I just love to sit back and look and look at things I have made, at least the ones that look great! I can rotate the view in the view program I use for looking at Trainz files, or in Trainz it self, and just marvel at my own creation made out of sort of nothing…

Before I discovered the Virtual modeling I used to do real world modeling, and it was the same there, when I was able to make a great model I felt so proud and sort of wanted to show it to all, and just look at it and be happy with what I was able to create.

For me, modeling is a very important part of my life, and I will continue do that for ever I think even if I sometimes have to take breaks from it because I end up just frustrated and getting no where.
The latest example for that is the Sampler for my Cripple Creek project that I’ve been working on and now lately most off on…

This morning I was so happy as I had managed to make the height fit without the need for the fill in I mention on my webpage, but if I go for that solution the side dimension don’t add up so I’m sort of back to square one, again.
This is frustration, pure frustration for me – and really kills of the pleasure of modeling.

But, I know a new day will come, a new project, or a finish of an old one, or something else – but I always end up back in gmax and Trainz just because I love what I do and I need to do it!

All the best


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Man do I feel old!

This blog thingy has come and one day I wake up and wonder what is happening in the world.
I used to keep track of all the things happening, but now a days, I hardly know anything…
Then, my host sent me an email telling me I could have my very own blog at my own site – who am I to turn down such an offer. πŸ™‚
Do I need it?
Who knows, but at least I will test it out as I do sometimes just loves to write and write and write and write…. LOL

Best wishes to who ever is out there…


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