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Still alive…

Hi people,
Life is a roller-coaster I have heard said, and yes, I do think it is right…

There are so many things in life I want, and so many dreams I have, wishes, and so on, and so far, it seems like I have it most in my mouth and not in actually doing them… 😦

I’m louse at keeping up with friends, when life feels a little hard to cope with I just lock my self in/up – and no, I’m not throwing away the key… LOL
Sorry people, you don’t get rid of me that easy… LOL

But, I do feel bad for not keeping up, thanks to Internet I do have friends around the world, and sometimes I just end up not being there for them, and I hate it.

Lately, I’ve been busy doing a umpteen redraw of a house we plan on building, but then I got so sick and tired of it, I got stuck, my husband don’t seem to feel like he can’t come up with any ideas, bad or good, so I felt alone, and then, I just closed the file, open up Trainz and locked the world outside…

Yesterday and today I been doing some paper clean up, been scanning a few items, and even went back to my own website… 🙂

But, I still feel for leaving the world alone, and right now, tight now I need to run downstairs and make some dinner for us.

So, all the best for those out there reading this stuff, and also to all of the others not reading it… LOL


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