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Still alive…


Well, for those hoping to never ever see a word from me, sorry, but I can’t live up to that as of yet… 😉
For those hoping I might come back and write a “short book” again, well, maybe another day… 😉
For those, who never ever been seeing this page, or may never even see it – here’s a few more lone words. 😉

I wanted to use this Blog thing to help fill up the Internet with possible useless words when I got access to it, but things never turned out that way.
I can’t say life took a new turn, but I might say it caught up with me so I need to take a new turn…

Things not going the way I want, but guessing from past experience I bounce back into life.

Tore and I are still a big part of our life, we work out things, we fight, we laugh, we share and we have fun and sorrow moments – so I guess we are pretty normal, which is sad, as it is way more fun to be special. 😉
Then again, we are special, for each other and hopeful for someone else.

The plans for moving home to Norway, build a house and live happily ever after is slowly getting here – but I’m sick and tired of it and one thing I have learned, drawing & designing a house is a “dirty” job, but someone got to do it! LOL

Anyway, we been on the road all day, driving from Sandnes on the southwest coast of Norway, to Eidsvoll, in the eastern part of southern Norway, inland from Oslo….
It’s winter, snow, mud, wet snow, ice and all that comes with the winter on the roads – so it is a tiring drive.

Maybe I get back to posting again, we see. 😉

Take care who ever are seeing this, and for all that are not seeing this – maybe you are lucky, or maybe you are not, whatever it is, it’s not my fault. LOL
Thanks for reading my babbling

All the best


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