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The saga continues…


anybody reading these pages might have understood that I/we do have some things that we struggle with – and now the latest news are in…

In the beginning of December, the 6th, I handed over the drawings seen below here – slightly fixed up – to an architect we had been in touch with since February this year.
I needed him to redraw this to a proper drawing and construction drawings and make sure the bearing and all the rules are followed.
He promised to start on it the week after, from around the 12 of December 2005.

Since then we have head nothing until we got the bill on Tuesday this week (20 December) for all the work spent on this project, and wow, was that high… 😦
I/we had also expecting the drawings all week long, none showed up so we phoned him this morning.

And what do you know, the guy had just had a glimpse at them, no work done…!


This destroyed the little Christmas spirit we had left, I’m real pissed at this guy!!

I can understand things get delayed and other things taking priority sometimes – but I expect in cases like that a message letting me know things are delayed/postponed and a further noticed when he can do the job!!
That is common courtesy if you ask me!!

We pay for this, and this is what we get…


I’m so mad, this is so devastating for us that it’s hard to explain!

None of us have had a job for a year, our money is running out, we need a lot of money to build a house, all people want our money, and this house we live in here in the Netherlands have a huge mortgage to be paid.
We don’t want to sell the house, we do plan on renting it out next year – but in order to do that we need to move.
In order to move, we need to build a new house first.
In order to build a house, we need people to do that, and a permit.
In order to find people and get a permit, we need a drawing.
In order to get a drawing, we need someone that is capable of making a legal drawing…
In order to get someone to make a legal drawing we need a drawing from us – that we have!

See, we’re in big trouble here.

The permit might take 4-8 weeks to be looked at.
The drawing from the architect I don’t expect to be one I can accept at once – so we expect at least a revisited version of it – that will take time.
We need to start build when spring arrives, that is around march/april next year.

The building will take time, we need to do it in steps, as we have the cabin already and that is being more or less teared down, and all the stuff inside it we have to put somewhere…
So, we had planned on making the garage first, but the guy doing the digging refused to dig the garage until the foundation for the house was done as he justified told us that otherwise he was not able to get around the the backside of the house…

So, when that architect told us that we should get his drawing in beginning of January that was a real blow to our head.

We wanted the Christmas/new year week to look his drawings over, do some planning in relation to furniture and so on to see if his drawings are acceptable – and now, now we don’t get them till next year.
Which is when we need to send the application for the permits…

Oh, I so hate people that just postpone doing a job for us that we pay them for!
Especially when they don’t let us know!

There, rant is over.

Best wishes all, but no Christmas cheers…


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