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It’s Christmas eve here in the Netherlands – 24th of December, 2005 – and it’s been the saddest, awful most Christmas I ever have had the “pleasure” of having experienced.

It feels like the world as I knew it is sort of ending, it’s been an awful year when one look at the emotional part, not as bad if looked at the physical part.
So, I guess it was fitting that this Christmas has been an very empty and lot of sort of angriness inside of me.

Tore is sick, the flu… 😦
Me, I’m still not, but I guess I will get it next.
Tore’s brother, that are our only guest – is still like his been the last times we have had him on visit, nice but sometimes a pain, but he’s a good boy and I like him very much!

This year, we had not cleaned the house, not decorated anything, not made any Christmas cookies, no Christmas dinner, no Christmas spirit – just nothing but bad feelings inside.

It sadden me, I feel angry at my self, angry at the world, angry at my self, angry at my self, angry – you get the picture… 🙂

6 days left of 2005 – 2006 is a year I’m afraid, so many big changes coming, and so much uncertainty – never had such a feel before that I have now a day.
I’m scared of my future, and that scares me.

So, as our Norwegian type of Christmas evening is over, it’s 00:04 here, and we enter the 1st Christmas day, I must say that I sure hope next year’s Christmas will be one to remember and cherish because I can’t stand this feel longer!
There where no packages under the Christmas tree this year, in fact, there where no tree either….

For those reading this, I wish you all the best, hope things are good in your end of the world, and me/us – we bounce back into life sometimes in the future.
We always do, and don’t plan on making a first non happening of that part… LOL

Then again, I never planned on such a lousy Christmas either, hmm, maybe…

Naah, things will get better

Best wishes

Linda & Tore

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