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Another day…


Well, there went another day, it’s 15:42 in the afternoon, and we never heard back from the guy at city hall today either, making it 3 days with no feedback if he have been able to get hold of the other 2 he wanted in on the meeting or not – not sure if I care anymore.

The good news is that we had a nice meeting with one of the plumbers today, and while I wish it had been weeks ago I can understand his side of it also, and in a way I can say I forgive him for the time taken.
Sounds bad in a way to say I forgive as it implies that there is a need to get forgiveness, and in a way there should not be a need for such a thing, and in a way there is no need for such a thing, but then again, my world is a strange world so. LOL

He had blown up my drawings, and he even felt that I could widen the “hallway” into the main floor bedroom a little with no problem for the stuff in the technical room – which brighten my day a lot!! πŸ™‚
Little sad to hear that my placement of the dishwasher at the kitchen was not the smartest placement due to it being a long way from the waterlock at the sink so I might end up with a potential big problem there – but I guess problems are made to be solved so… πŸ™‚

Other then that, no big things, he seemed to like the look of the house, and not having to much problems with the way I had placed things, and the bath room in the tower he said looked like a fun one.
Always nice to hear positive feedback, but negative is good too as I know I don’t always think about all things, even if I want to. πŸ™‚

So, with this day over, a small talk with the architect, which seemed to think the house looks okay (Tore spoke with him, so I can’t tell for sure what was said or not ;-)) and that we might as well just apply for the building permit, it seems like we are about at the point as we where 7 weeks ago when we first arrived Norway…

Was in Oslo a trip to do a few things, had hoped to meet up with a good friend of Tore (and me), but he was to busy so we weren’t able to meet.
Which was sad as I wanted to show him how the house now looks, just to hear what he was thinking of it…

Yes, I’m an insecure person often…

Anyway, enough blabber, I’m off to do some other stuff in life.

Best wishes


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I guess you can say I’m alive, not kicking though, but alive…

I’m pretty sure I write this for my eyes only, but one day maybe someone stubbles onto it and find it of a strange interest and decides to read some more – well, then I’m sorry to disappoint, but there is not much more…

I’m tired of life, the way things goes, the way dreams get shattered, the way the nice solid platform I had build my life upon suddenly turned into a wild ride down the river instead of sitting on dry land.. 😦

I can’t life up to my friends, my self, my husband (no particular order, just the first word in my head went in…), I have a love and feel for a place I can’t visit, or work with, or anything…
My website is near dead, I have had little feel/time to spend on it, I have had to think and breath the stupid house project in Norway for way to long, and as soon as things are going bad I break down more or less.

I can’t manage to keep in touch with friends, I hate that, but it is just so damn hard to start write as I know I would most likely end up take all my frustration and bad feelings on to those emails and I don’t want to push that down into the throats of my friends.
They deserve so much better.

I can’t do much more with the house, the drawings is as they are, it is a new weekend, we are stuck in Norway, nothing will happen till earliest Monday morning, but I have very much doubt even that day will be good.

Tore and I are mad at so many people, but the worst is some people over in Sweden that owe us money for a translation job Tore did for them in October 2005 and that we yet have to receive payment for.
In the beginning we got lot of promises, no a days, we get nothing, nobody answer our emails, no one pay up, and we feel like they treat us real real real bad.

It shouldn’t be like this, one should be able to trust people, and it just makes me so mad to think about how they cheated us. 😦

But at least, we are both alive, Tore and me, still friends, husband and wife, we care for each other, we argue, we fight, we cry, we smile, we enjoy life, we hate life, but we are together, and that is very very very important!!

And, the days we stand together, those are the days no one can take us down!!
Not even those at the stupid Swedish company that don’t want to pay for the job we did!!

So, instead of wasting money and time sitting on an expansive dial-up line here in Norway, I will go see if my friend gmax still likes me… LOL

All the best wishes


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Latest news

Howdy all,

Not much is going on, we’re in Norway for the 6th week and we still haven’t been able to peace together an application for a building permit – so in a way all is going to Hell – except I don’t think Tore would like to live there, he wants to live here in Eidsvoll, Norway. πŸ™‚

I’ve made a page about the House project, you find that here – and while the page are not much to brag about at least there are some info and pics in there for those that might find it of interest. πŸ˜‰

The latest set of drawings that I have will always be found on that page, and I hope to be able to put in some pictures of the current look, and how it will change over the times ahead (like, in a year or so… LOL)

I’m not good at webdesign or fancy stuff, so I can’t make a fancy/cool site to visit, but at least I will try to let my ego post some stuff from time to time – right now we are waiting for another meeting with the “council” to hear if they like the latest drawings better or if the house is still “showing to many faces”…

Waiting game in words… 😦

Till next time…

All the best


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