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Latest news

Howdy all,

Not much is going on, we’re in Norway for the 6th week and we still haven’t been able to peace together an application for a building permit – so in a way all is going to Hell – except I don’t think Tore would like to live there, he wants to live here in Eidsvoll, Norway. 🙂

I’ve made a page about the House project, you find that here – and while the page are not much to brag about at least there are some info and pics in there for those that might find it of interest. 😉

The latest set of drawings that I have will always be found on that page, and I hope to be able to put in some pictures of the current look, and how it will change over the times ahead (like, in a year or so… LOL)

I’m not good at webdesign or fancy stuff, so I can’t make a fancy/cool site to visit, but at least I will try to let my ego post some stuff from time to time – right now we are waiting for another meeting with the “council” to hear if they like the latest drawings better or if the house is still “showing to many faces”…

Waiting game in words… 😦

Till next time…

All the best


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