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Useless and tired

Hi all,
I’m getting real tired of being negative and depressed all the time, it’s like nothing in life feels good and goes like it should.

I hardly keep in touch with friends due to me feeling so low and bad and therefor more or less just complains and that is not nice to do with friends all the time, so I tend to just sit here alone in missery…

Yesterday was a real bad day, the day before we had people coming and look at our house here in the Netherlands that they might rent from us – which means I have less then 2 months left of the life I used to have down here on the Netherlands.

Meaning I’m almost stuck in Norway for life, and nothing, nothing in Norway have gone like it should! 😦

We have no house, it’s not started on, we have no price from builder yet, no permit, no nothing…

And, we need to move from our house here no later then middle of July 2006.. 😦

Life suck, so big, so bad, so much, I hate it.

I can’t focus on anything, I can’t think of things to do in life, what I can do to make my self feel useful, to be useful, to be something…

Tore is struggling with his eyes, they are getting worse and worse, but we need wait and wait till stuff has been checked out and so on…
His problems effect me too, and it’s getting hard to do more then just “head dulling” during the days as none of us like to think, and feel we have something to look forward to.

So, here I sit, I’m sick and tired of life, I can’t do gmax/3D modeling as I just don’t have the feel for it.
I can’t do anything, even write a good complain post… 🙂


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