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Bureaucratic Hell

Hi all,

I though Eidsvoll commune was a better place that most places in Norway, but I was wrong, I was so wrong!! 😦

I got that impression from earlier meets and talks with them, but our applications for a building permit have shown me that that are as bad and maybe even worse then other places – and it makes me so mad at them!!

A friend of us in Norway acting on our behalf as we are sitting in the Netherlands phoned the city hall again today, two weeks or so after last contact where they then said they was about a week away from finished looking at the application – and today learned that they still was in that final stage and that there where a meeting on Monday that most likely should be the last before we would get an answer from the city hall… 😦

Damn slow people, what’s irritating me most is the fact they didn’t even follow the law and noticed us within the 4 weeks they have to notice us that the applications is received and give a estimate on how long it will take in case it was not ready by those 4 weeks.

We have had to phone and bug them to even get to know they had received it and was looking at it…

That part pissed me so much of I sort of don’t want to move to that area – they don’t deserve our tax money or being our home place with such low interest in the people.
It’s just like all says, it is a demonstration of their power just because they can.

Boy do that feels correct now, I’m also annoyed we told them that we would like to start as fast as possible, this was in start of march this year, and was told that they would not “sit on it” – which gave at least me the impression that they would look at it in what I consider as a normal speed – spending 2 months without giving any notice or anything is for me not a normal speed!!!

But, I guess it is me that is not normal…

So, our life is really fucked up as there are no way we can get a house build before August now, and in early July – 4 weeks from now – the summer vacations start and nothing will be done before August is here – and then the fall comes soon, then winter…

In the mean time we looses money each day, oh I so hate this situation!!!!! 😦

And, I need their answer to be able to come up with a not so expansive drawing as we no longer have the money to build the house we want. 😦
Just don’t want to draw something else I might fall in love with just to end up with a city hall saying NO to that too, hence I need to know what they say about the plans I have today.
If they are accepted, great, but I doubt they will be, and therefore I need to see what objections they have..

So, till next time, who ever reads this stuff, take care. 🙂


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