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Wow, yes, that is about the best word I can use to describe the feel earlier today when our good friend in Norway Haakon-Magnus phoned us to tell he had just spoken with the city hall people in Eidsvoll again and that we had a GO!!
They had accepted the whole drawing, no changes needed!!


One hour later we got mail through our door and with that we got a bill from Eidsvoll of over 9000NOK for the job they had done taking this very hard decision they had taken, and a copy of the statement that is sent to the architect as he is standing as the legal official applier for the permit.
Lot of paper work left, and then it is maybe not so bad the fact that the builder don’t have time to do anything till after the summer vacation at the earlies (August maybe…)

But, at least they accepted the drawings, we didn’t expect that to happen! 🙂
Now, to come up with all the money needed, hmm, that will be hard. 😦

Oh well, life is better a little at least.
Tore’s eyes are up and down, more up then down it seems though. 🙂

So, there you have it, some good news in the end.


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