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Still on break…


Today was a not happy break day – due to happenings out of our control we where not told that no one was showing up at our place today, which lead us to sit here and wait all morning… 😦

That was not a happy time.

So much for a agreement, a delay is normally not a problem, the problem is when no one tells us so we can spend the time otherwise.

So much for wanting to be here… LOL

Other news nothing, unless we win a lot of cash, or meet a generous person, or is able to work out a deal with who ever is doing work for us there is no way we are able to afford this house as drawn at this time in life, and probably never ever will be able to afford. 😦

But, we keep trying, there is nothing else we can do – and beside, I like to use a expressions as:
Life Is trying

So, might as well live totally up to it! LOL

Best wishes to who ever reads this


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