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Feels like life's boring & awful

Hi all,

Today been one of those days where nothing happens – been a few of those lately where hardly anything happen.

It’s been raining half of the day, then sun came with rain in between.. 😦

Øyvind “the worker”, have been busy digging and working up at the neighbor place today so we just saw him late this afternoon while he leveled a dump he made yesterday of earth while waiting for the neighbor to come back from a trip so he could see the drawing for the garage the neighbor will have built.

Tomorrow Øyvind had plans for test dig a new location on our property to see if we have room/depth for a relocation of the “indoor outdoor toilet” we been using for a few years now.
As we build the new house we have no need for the old one per say, but would been nice to have it as a backup and useful for the spare room we have in the shed.
In case we ever need to stay out there. 🙂

Due to the “nothing happens” feeling, and a starting desperate feel for wanting to get back home to our house in the Netherlands I’m starting to get bitchy, good also be “just that time” again…
I feel angry and frustrated, the money problem eats my heart out and I feel so helpless in all this.

Eidsvoll feels like a frustrating and dead ended street still… 😦

But still, best wishes all


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