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I'm alive still


Life is going on, I keep busy trying to keep my Eidsvoll project page updated every evening with todays happenings, and also to keep my drawings up to date with needed corrections and so on.

Today I learned that we might could have saved quite a lot of money if I had fewer corners in the house – a information I wish I had knew months ago!
None been telling me a estimated price for corners, but Øyvind the worked we have at Eidsvoll did today when he had finished off making a box for the concrete work – he said suddenly that “well well, there was the 400 000 wall ready” – which caught my attention and made me ask what he meant.

Then he told me that a estimated price of a corner is 50 000 Norwegian kroners per floor – and that area has 4 corners extending over 2 floors…

Made both me and Tore very skeptical, wish I had knew it before so I could have made a different drawing – now it is more or less to late.
Been looking at the drawing, and it would take drastic changes to get rid of the corners – so I think we just leave it there and hope that we will feel this area is worth the extra money spent on it…

Of other news there are none, Eidsvoll occupies my mind and thoughts most of the time – get some low days but there are good in between too…

No Trainz and gmaxing is done for the time being – and I hardly keep up with friends or anything.

Such is life

Best wishes


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