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Nearly Christmas


Today we write the 18 December on the calendar, and still I sit here stuck in Norway…

Haven’t been home in the Netherlands since 1 of August, I don’t even know if I have a home/house to come home to, or if it has been broken into/vandalized or nothing…

I hope all is in order, but the scare is there that something is not right.

We are to leave for home this week, but got a new delay yesterday when Tore’s brother called and said he had a doctor’s appointment on Thursday, and that is bad, as he was suppose to come with us for a Christmas Holiday in the Netherlands…
So, no leaving on Tuesday or Wednesday on us…

Add to the insult, yesterday and today, there is nice weather but around 4 degree Celsius below zero – meaning Tore and I can not do any work outside building up the garage as we have no tools to defrost the ice from the already put down “bricks”, and none of us feels putting concrete on top of ice is a good idea… 🙂

Then , to top it all of, today Tore is not feeling well at all, and seem to have no idea what it can be – he just know he feels very bad… 😦

So, here I sit, freezing a little, nice weather outside, but have nothing to do – no feel for doing much inside either, so another boring day I suspect…

Till next time/year…


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