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End of year cleaning…


If you are a returning visitor to my website, I’m sure you have noticed I’ve done some cleaning/changing of it…

Been thinking about it for a long time, sitting here in the Netherlands with no time to do lot of things I normally do, I instead got busy browsing my large pile of stuff behind me, scanning a few things, updating some text, add things to my website and overall do some cleaning of both house and website.

Even if one could argue I don’t actually clean my website by filling it up even more with stuff… LOL

Like my new front page better now, there are some action and way less text to meet people that just happens to come to that site… 🙂
The small slide show with a few selected postcards worked out fine I think.

As the year nears it end, and we have to start thinking about going back to Norway, it becomes clear to me that after this year nothing is like before – and life is changing and i need to change with it…
Still not sure how it will be, but from time to time I’m sure who ever is interested can find some info in this pages… 😉

Till next time, take care


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