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New day…


A new day, dark and wet as yesterday, but not as dark emotionally as last night…

But, things feels different, like there is a invisible wall out there…

While speaking about walls, Egil & Øyvind been busy putting up the 10th row on the garage up here at Eidsvoll – it is U-blocks and is the last row.
According to them, 9th row was so good that it had to be luck as they hardly seen it so good when you have so many “broken wall segment” to connect – so they seemed pleased.
It could be the laser they used, but.. 🙂

The rain makes being out miserable, but I’ve been out – and I had to work too… LOL Bringing U-blocks to them…

Anyway, just wanted to type a few words

Best wishes


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Life is over as I know it

Hi who ever is out there

Seems like life ended tonight…

I’m dizzy, I can’t stop crying, I feel so sick to my bone, I feel cold inside, I feel a big anger, sadness, angry, pissed off, want to destroy some, all those and thousand more feelings!!

A very good friend of Tore, and I would say me really, Haakon-Magnus, pinned on me tonight the ending of his and Tore’s relationship for a many years, he no longer is allowed he claims to do anything ever more for Tore again – was told that in a “board of meeting” where he works, all because he had said to people I no longer trust him.
Some etic rules prevents him to do any work for one/both parties when one is not trusting him, he claims, and while I do believe that is to be true, he has know for years the fact, but seems like he didn’t believe me…

I told him for years I don’t trust him longer then I can understand what he say/do – suddenly now around Christmas he realized it is true it seems – all due to the claim he has made, and tons of excuses of where that will he been talking about is…
I pushed for it, even Tore pushed for it, always a excuse, even Tore started to wonder…

And now, he pins it on me that he no longer can associate with Tore…

Asshole, thank you so much!

Thank you too Tore, as you never told me that today, asshole!!

I refuses to be the reason they can’t relate, I rather want a divorce then to be the reason they can no longer relate!!

Life ended

Life sucks

Better tomorrow, I guess,

Now, sucks big time!!

Needed to say it


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Back in Norway…

03 Jan 2007 1 comment


Back in Norway, and what do you know, it was frost and ice on the ground – and guess what, I didn’t come up that awful stupid fucking last hill with the car and had to stop at the neighbor below to “dug out” the chains from under all the luggage and put them on..
One was broke, so I got only one chain – but I manage to get up that hill!!

Then, since yesterday, work had been done up here by Egil & Øyvind – and we had a agreement none should be done before we where back!! 😦
Egil phoned us early yesterday morning, while we where on the road through Germany – boy was I mad at them for starting work without me being here.


One wall “fixed” – in my views, messed up a little – and some blocks we told them, yesterday, used up that was needed for the middle wall between the two garage doors as they where all of the small length that we got at the very first row…
Result, they need to cut down the door opening afterward a few millimeters – and I no longer can use a wall as reference except if I keep to the first row only…

Other then that, it been cold, I’m stressed out as hell, and I can’t help for not liking the way they put up the blocks, so sloppy in my eyes….
I’m strange you see. LOL

It is good to see work be done, I would love to do it my self though.

The very worse thing is the fact it started to snow after it got dark!!

I hate that, I want nice warm weather till end of January!!!!

Other then, that, I need food, so bye!


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Bye 2006

For one hour and twenty minutes ago 2006 was history here I’m located, and right now, I lost my first ebay auction this year… 😦

There was not to be a picture of the Caledonia Mine in the Cripple Creek District for me, to bad…

The good thing is though that i saved money, as I’m low on cash now and there is so much Cripple Creek stuff out there yet to be part of my education of the area… 🙂

Let us hope 2007 will prove to be a good year, for everything.

Till then, good night world!


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