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Back in Norway…


Back in Norway, and what do you know, it was frost and ice on the ground – and guess what, I didn’t come up that awful stupid fucking last hill with the car and had to stop at the neighbor below to “dug out” the chains from under all the luggage and put them on..
One was broke, so I got only one chain – but I manage to get up that hill!!

Then, since yesterday, work had been done up here by Egil & Øyvind – and we had a agreement none should be done before we where back!! 😦
Egil phoned us early yesterday morning, while we where on the road through Germany – boy was I mad at them for starting work without me being here.


One wall “fixed” – in my views, messed up a little – and some blocks we told them, yesterday, used up that was needed for the middle wall between the two garage doors as they where all of the small length that we got at the very first row…
Result, they need to cut down the door opening afterward a few millimeters – and I no longer can use a wall as reference except if I keep to the first row only…

Other then that, it been cold, I’m stressed out as hell, and I can’t help for not liking the way they put up the blocks, so sloppy in my eyes….
I’m strange you see. LOL

It is good to see work be done, I would love to do it my self though.

The very worse thing is the fact it started to snow after it got dark!!

I hate that, I want nice warm weather till end of January!!!!

Other then, that, I need food, so bye!


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