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Back home…

at least for a few days….

After a long day, was up at 0405, it is now 2318 – I’m now back home at the house we have in the Netherlands, at least till Saturday, maybe longer…

Left Eidsvoll, Norway at 0543, and parked the car in the garage here in Schinveld, Netherlands 2146 – 16 hours & 3 minutes later… 🙂
The engine on the car been running for 14 hours and 13 minutes, rest is gone to two ferries (crossing time; one 20 minute, one 45 minutes) and it’s waiting time + fill up Diesel 1 time and change of Driver twice.
Madness it is called…

I started in Norway, had to let Tore take over a little into Sweden, 1 hour or so later, 15 km north of Göteborg, he gave up, and I took over again, been driving ever since….
Still driving in my head…

House is here, all stuff is here, all seem in order – good we have some one watching over the house for us, grateful for the help from a couple of friends down here.

At least I’m home for a few days – Yeah!! 🙂


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