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Homeless, but alive…

Hi world,

Still struggling along on this life’s highway, or railroad, or whatever one want to call it.

Been a hard year and a half since my last use of this Blog thing.

I know I’m a smart person, just not smart enough to figure out a way to earn enough money to actually get a house built.

Not even smart enough to finalize a drawing for the house, nor the second drawing I now try in order to simplify the house enough for me to built it my self.

I wish there was a way I could find someone or some others to help me with this, a way I could apply for help getting a house up, a way to trade services or similar stuff in order to get a house up.
I know there is never going to be enough money to pay for it in my life, I can’t loan the money as I don’t have any security or even a earning enough to even think a bank loan.

What I know is I can build most of it my self, even if the rules in this country don’t allow me to as I’m not a qualified carpenter, not will I ever get the correct papers for it.
I know I’m good with my hands, that I have a brain, that I put the best I can do into things I do – but all this don’t help me a bit.

I often dream I could win money enough to get this house up as a skeleton at least – as winter is closing in fast I feel it becoming a desperate idea.

The cabin I stay in have a leaky roof, not sure where the water enters, but it enters when it rains – often several places…
Don’t want to spend money I don’t have on fixing a roof on this cabin as all I want is to tear it down and get a house up instead.
As I don’t know where the leak is, I need to fix the whole roof, so far I’m not willing to do that…

I’m becoming desperate, depressed, and generally getting back into moods I had high hopes for not ever getting into when I become free back in 1995 from stuff messing up my life.

My husband also made me get high hopes, now he is the reason why my life feels real bad – and I’m closing in real fast to the cross road were I need to choose between staying with him and continue a down ride spiral into Hell, or just give up on my own promises and become the smart person I am and just walk away for good.
I hate Love, it stinks sometimes.

Anyway, I just type words for my self, wish I could find a way to stand out and be noticed, and maybe find people who I could help so they maybe could help me later and I could get a home and a house again.

I lost the house in the Netherlands, husband didn’t pay, bank took it…
so, I lost my home, my place of security, my place of a feel of a home – and I lost a bathroom with shower and a bathtub…

now, I’m stuck in a cabin up north in Norway, my birth country, but still a place I wish I could live away from.

Anyway, I should go to bed, it felt good in a way to type this.

to who ever might read this sometime in the future – take care and be the best you can be.

Rest assure, that is what I try to do, be the best I can!


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  1. Steve Colchester
    10 Nov 2008 at 23:23

    Linda, you need cuddling, caressing and loving. You need a warm man to comfort you in that leaky cabin of yours. You need an erotic life to carry you through the grey misery of everyday life. Mail me……

  2. 15 Dec 2008 at 21:48

    Linda: Keep your head up as you are not alone in this journey. I managed to tear down an old barn and move it 300 miles to a place where I have land. It has been sitting there for 5 years now with me being unable to build a cabin.
    It is either work and have money, but no time…or don’t work and have time but, no money. So what to do? I live in my little hell with my partner of 13 years, but you get comfortable and stay.

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    24 May 2009 at 23:46

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