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A quick update

Today I was able to find a few hours of inspiration and that made me start on the head frame that goes with the ore bin a few days back.

I’ve even found a spot on one of my test maps in Trainz to place this mine – the ore house being tall and narrow made it though to find a spot – but in the end, I did succeed…

Lot of work still remains, but I had some fun, and I think I’m of to a great start. πŸ™‚

Click for a somewhat bigger view

Click for a somewhat bigger view

Click for a somewhat bigger view

Best as always


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Yes!! Life can be good sometimes

Hello world,

Forty minutes ago I was tired, stressed and very much in fear I would loose out on a picture I so wanted (I even used the word desperately :-)) – and now, all that is left is to pay for both that and a “friend” of it, including the the shipping of course + the long await of it to reach me through the mail in about 1,5 week. πŸ™‚


It looks like a friend of mine is correct, the Cripple Creek maniacs (my words – including my self… :P) is all on vacation leaving this great stuff behind for me to get hold of. πŸ˜‰
Me happy, me very much happy!!

I bought some great photographs from a friend of mine in Montrose Colorado in June 2009 – it cost me dearly through, but still felt better then having to fight for them through eBay.
And, most likely for most of them, I got a good price.

Judging on this morning, I could get better deal through eBay, but I still doubt it in reality as this morning was one of those rare moments where hardly no-one cares about what is selling on eBay of the regular casts…
I have had to have big fights before – so…

Either way, I’m happy, in a need for a breakfast. πŸ™‚

Auctions I won for the curious:
Item #390071064741
Item #110415393486

It’s now 08:30 Sunday morning, breakfast is eaten, and it is time to start the normal morning routines…

I’ve been through eBay, figuring out the usernames for those that fought me on the two images and see that not all the regular Cripple Creek maniacs are on vacation after all. πŸ™‚

morganluver, my dear old unknown companion that I think I like but never have met – and dislike to loose for most of the time, but still feel happy it was to him and not someone else πŸ˜› – was interested in the Lee-Isabella photo – but not big time.

portlandgold, I don’t know him – but I have a friend who does from what I been able to gather, he was the first bidder on both, and while I did beat him (yeah :P) he was also beaten by the fellow I have a strange great feel over being able to beat on eBay…

mmfblue, this is the person I used to loose all the great pictures to in the old days, and while I do understand we all in it for the fun and history – I sort of get great pleasure out of being able to overbid this username. πŸ™‚
Way more then with most other names – which may be a bad thing against the person behind this name as I have no idea who that person really is. Could be the greatest person in the world for all I know – but I doubt that.
morganluver is for me a greater person as he after all did reply to a contact try I did on eBay a few years back – and even sent me an email a week or so later with a pointer to an ebay listing.

As time was bad then for me, personally, I never followed up on that email – just found it laying around here the other day – but it meant a great deal to me, as it gave me a feel about how this person is. πŸ™‚
A helpful person.

I guess the two other also is helpful persons, just more cautions to people on the Internet. πŸ™‚

Either way, I blabbered enough now I think.

Have a great day!


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I hate this feeling

Good morning world,

It’s 06:30 Sunday morning here in Norway, I’m half awake, sitting and trying to be full awake while doing my best to calm down my nerves.

It less then 25 minutes I desperately hope I will be able to win a picture that is listed on eBay, it has a view I never seen before and I so want it! πŸ™‚

The closer it gets, the warmer I get in my head, the heart races and pumps fast, my hands get sweat, my mind raises off, I get more and more stressed and more and more annoyed over my self for letting an Internet auction have this power over me…

But, I can’t quit, it is like a drug or something, once in, I can never leave.

I hate that feel!!

But, I also love the chances eBay gives me, like the one this morning – showing an area I know but not have seen pictures of before from this angle.
I just have to have it, even if I know it will cost me dearly!

For days I have had nightmares and small visions of loosing this image, – both because I was just to late to bid, and for other reasons…
Tore says it is because I so want it – me I think it is because I know that I most likely can’t get it…

But, we see what will happen, I need to go watch it now.



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Not like old days…

Hello world,

I’m no good at modeling anymore I feel, one of the reasons for that is that I don’t do much work in 3D modeling anymore, and another reason is I don’t have the greatest textures around either to build with.

But, it don’t stop me from trying sometimes when the feel is there, the energy is there, or the plain old lust for something I see in a new old thing I just bought… LOL

Or, any other reason comes by to convince me to crank open gmax and do my best.

One such reason came through a young fellow on the Trainz forum a while ago, but I seem unable to make my self understandable so it never got very far.
But, through a friend of mine, I was able to secure a better look of this material – still not as good as I wished it was, but way better then I first had access to.

Then, next time mood stroke me, early this week, I started on making this model.

I built it in a different way then I used too, and it took me several days – including 1,5 day I was unable as my back & neck was killing me and feeling really painful making computer work not interesting at all.

Yesterday it was better, and together with some hours today making my self some textures, I’ve ended up with this structure here looking down on it from a old program called TrainzObjectExplorer (TOE):

Iron Blossom Mine No.3 Orebin for Trainz

Lot of work still remains on this, and I have yet to find any good place for it on any of my test maps. It don’t fit my Cripple Creek project, but it felt good to do some modeling again so maybe it will gain some usefulness for me after all. πŸ™‚


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Alone, again, almost…


It’s Sunday evening, 18:02 to be exact, and we’re home from a short but long trip where we sent my parents home with an airplane from Gardermoen Airport about 40 minutes drive from here.
That was 11:00 this morning…

The next three hours was spent in the rain, inside of the car, arguing and fighting for some stupid stuff with no real good reason at all except Tore’s attitudes and “give a damn” (or “Devil may care” as he say it) what happens thinking…

Some more hours passed, I did relocate a little, more arguing, but we got a short trip, little walk in the rain on a new bridge over the highway E6 near Nordkisa which yet is to open – felt for a little crazy doing, so went out in the rain and walked over the bridge….

Then some more driving, slow driving, little talk, then some food, a while later a ice cream we shared, and then we was back at the cabin at a great pleasure for the cat that seemed to miss us.

So, now it is just me, the cat, and Tore…

Alone, again…

Best as always


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