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On the road again…

It’s 0453 in the morning, I feel tired, sick and sitting here wondering what the hell am I doing.

But, I know what I’m doing, I’m preparing for a drive back to Eidsvoll from Ganddal where I’m located right now.
And, I do this so early as we have plans for a crazy tour today, going northeast up through some of the fjord country and up on the high mountains.
Just to get a different trip out of it, a new route so to speak… 🙂

And, we bring with us my parents, and they have never been to some of these areas before – so I feel extra interested into giving them this opportunity as I fear it might not be to many years before they loose that chance for ever.

So, here I am, typing away at my old little Blog, hardly used, then used some, then not used, and so on…
I was to close down the computer, then eat, then finish packing, and hopefully be on our way till 0600 this morning.

Had me a shower when I got up, that was lovely – no can do such luxury over at the cabin in Eidsvoll…
Back to a miserable life, but also back to a cat I know misses us, and back to a place that holds a little better place for spending time with the computer and get some stuff done of useful character to my Cripple Creek interest.

So, until I either post again, or never do (it might be my day to move on today you know… 😉 LOL) take care who ever feels for reading this blabbering of mine.

Best wishes


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