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Back at the cabin…


Road trip is over, it been over for several days now – we came home 2 minutes to midnight Sunday evening and I guess I used most of the week to settle down again here at this miserable cabin with its bad water situation and all.

Been fighting all week with my husband, not all day though, but the feel been bad and some days worse then others – but I managed to get some stuff done.

I was given a digital scale by mom and dad as a late birthday present, and that has seen quite lot of use this week as I been making my self little treats to chew on. 🙂
Small cakes is always nice to snack on. LOL

Other then that, I’ve not fully settled in yet, mom and dad will fly back home on Sunday so I guess next week or so the full feeling of being up here again with only Tore will hit home and make me within a few days find back to the regular routine of trying to make my life as good as possible and get back to some of my projects.

Till next time, if you read this, I hope your safe and life treats you good.

Best wishes


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