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Alone, again, almost…


It’s Sunday evening, 18:02 to be exact, and we’re home from a short but long trip where we sent my parents home with an airplane from Gardermoen Airport about 40 minutes drive from here.
That was 11:00 this morning…

The next three hours was spent in the rain, inside of the car, arguing and fighting for some stupid stuff with no real good reason at all except Tore’s attitudes and “give a damn” (or “Devil may care” as he say it) what happens thinking…

Some more hours passed, I did relocate a little, more arguing, but we got a short trip, little walk in the rain on a new bridge over the highway E6 near Nordkisa which yet is to open – felt for a little crazy doing, so went out in the rain and walked over the bridge….

Then some more driving, slow driving, little talk, then some food, a while later a ice cream we shared, and then we was back at the cabin at a great pleasure for the cat that seemed to miss us.

So, now it is just me, the cat, and Tore…

Alone, again…

Best as always


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