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Tuesday, bad times + a little good


Not much, been a bad period with lot of war with Tore.

I’ve become broke, with a help of a friend finding me some old photographs related to the Cripple Creek District – which I received today in the mail. πŸ™‚

So, some nice stuff do happens, but mostly it been a bad week and more.

I’ve tried to research my area of love a little, spent some time digging around in the Colorado Old Newspaper site and doing some similar work trying to stay on the top of life, but failing miserable most of the time. 😦

But, I’m alive, I got some great old – but faded unfortunately – photographs I can scan and play around with, and I’m still finding info on the Newspaper site I’m going through at the moment, so I should not complain to much. πŸ™‚

No Trainz work have been done, fall is closing in on us and I need to decide if I should go on a trip over to the west coast of Norway this weekend or not…

Till next time, take care


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Once again, it Sunday afternoon…

09 Aug 2009 1 comment


Been a real bad weekend, fighting my husband and trying to find something to hold on to that might bring some joy and pleasure.

I was able yesterday to export my underground model into TS2009 (Trainz 2009) and had a little play with it inside of Trainz.
It lacks a good texture, but as a basic model and one to load ore cars it seem to work.
should make a little more room for a man to stand alongside the car and open/close the chute – and of course, add in the chute it self – but other then that it looks good.

Problem is, things with Tore turned so bad I got nothing more done…

Today it is the same…

But, I’m alive, and fighting, so… LOL


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Been a bad week for some reason…

08 Aug 2009 1 comment


Almost a week ago I was typing down a message about how little but still some work I had got done during the weekend in regards to my virtual modeling.
Hoping and thinking the week to come would be better.

Guess what, it was not, in fact, I haven’t done anything really useful in that part when it comes to the Iron Blossom models.
I tried add to the head frame a shaft model, all I got installed was the track leading from it to the dump & ore house, while the shaft it self lacks any showing… 😦
I have not even touched the ore house, neither the trestle…

Yesterday, I got the feel a little back, but not enough to do anything real useful – I got started on a new model, still mining based, but now an underground model based on a drawing I found in a mining journal from 1907.

Here is an image from my modeling program of this new model, so far I have not finished it and even got a test model into Trainz – but I hope to find the energy and feel to do it this weekend…

A view of the chute being installed inside of a tunnel mesh
Click for bigger image

Other then that, not much to report. πŸ™‚


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Weekend over, some work done

02 Aug 2009 1 comment


I was not able to check out my hoist house in Trainz until today – but at least it looks like I can safely reduce the texture down to 1024×512 pixel without it affecting the look to badly.
Hence, I’ve done that, 1,5MB is better then 6, right…? πŸ˜›

I’ve also spent a little time building my self a dynamite shed, based loosely on the drawing set – mine made out of stone, the drawing indicated brick walls.

What is left to do is to check in TRS2004, back those up, post it to Auran’s DLS and the TPR Download Depot and move on to fix up the head frame, the ore bin and a trestle to connect it all. πŸ™‚

For now, this is what I have of pictures:

First out, the newest & final look of the hoist house, I’ve added the same water stain/damage to the windows as already was on the wall. This makes it a little more believable I think, and hopefully make it appear like a about 2 year old structure that been standing out in the weather unprotected. hence the dark patterns on the wall – just like I see outside my own window everyday – it’s depressing, but in Trainz it only adds characters to the scene. πŸ™‚
Hoist house fully textured and looking nicely
Click for bigger image

Second up is a closeup look of the newest member of the Iron Blossom No.3 family – what I call (and think is) the Dynamite shed. This shed might not be among my greatest creations texture wise, but it was a rather fast job and I’m so far happy with it, so I leave it at this. πŸ™‚
Dynamite shed up close, set into the side of the hill
Click for bigger image

The third, and last picture I’m showing now, is as always, a look at the whole scene as it now stands in Trainz. πŸ™‚ I’ve done it a few times now, and it helps to see how I play around in Trainz and dreaming away and from that I relax on my gmax creating time… πŸ˜›
You get to see how I sat the dynamite shed into the hill, how the hill was dug out to make room for the massive hoist house (OK, this started as a adit/tunnel mine in my head… ;)), how the head frame is situated some meters lower on the hill, and way down there in the small valley, by the railroad track, is the newly/freshly built (by the look of it that is LOL) ore bin!
You also see I’ve added a few small houses for the miners to live in – after all, I to try take care of them, and no log cabins for my miners… πŸ˜›

Dynamite shed up close, set into the side of the hill
Click for bigger image

So, there you have it, this was how I spent my weekend Trainz/modeling wise – how was your weekend? πŸ™‚


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One down, four more to go…


Yes, I’m done with the hoist house for the Iron Blossom Mine (for now at least ;)) as I’ve textured all parts, added in a few more windows based on my best guesses (moving away from the drawing a little here, but who cares LOL) so the hoist man can easier see towards the shaft – and get some more light in.

I’ve decided not to add in any smokestack, this was a electric hoist mine according to my source – but I will make a external smokestack to use with this or other structures as for my use, this will be a coal/wood fired hoist… πŸ˜›

I’m not 100% convinced I’m happy with the textures, and it is one massive size on the texture used here coming in at 2048×1024 pixel at about 6MB in size. 😐

I do think however I will try reduce that down to a 1024×512 texture, but if it makes the roof and windows/door look horrible, I’m not…

Here is a picture from inside my model viewer (Trainz Object Explorer) which I’ve used for years to look at all my gmax models – as I’ve yet to enter Trainz itself to check it out there.:

Hoisthouse as seen in TOE
Click to see a larger view

I hope I will be done with the other parts this weekend, doubt it a little, but hope. πŸ™‚

I’ve yet to finish of the ore house, head frame, don’t even have started on the trestle to connect it all, and I should add in a brick shed I think is the dynamite shed (that should be quick, as it is only 4 walls, a roof, and one single door :)).

Till next time


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