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One down, four more to go…


Yes, I’m done with the hoist house for the Iron Blossom Mine (for now at least ;)) as I’ve textured all parts, added in a few more windows based on my best guesses (moving away from the drawing a little here, but who cares LOL) so the hoist man can easier see towards the shaft – and get some more light in.

I’ve decided not to add in any smokestack, this was a electric hoist mine according to my source – but I will make a external smokestack to use with this or other structures as for my use, this will be a coal/wood fired hoist… 😛

I’m not 100% convinced I’m happy with the textures, and it is one massive size on the texture used here coming in at 2048×1024 pixel at about 6MB in size. 😐

I do think however I will try reduce that down to a 1024×512 texture, but if it makes the roof and windows/door look horrible, I’m not…

Here is a picture from inside my model viewer (Trainz Object Explorer) which I’ve used for years to look at all my gmax models – as I’ve yet to enter Trainz itself to check it out there.:

Hoisthouse as seen in TOE
Click to see a larger view

I hope I will be done with the other parts this weekend, doubt it a little, but hope. 🙂

I’ve yet to finish of the ore house, head frame, don’t even have started on the trestle to connect it all, and I should add in a brick shed I think is the dynamite shed (that should be quick, as it is only 4 walls, a roof, and one single door :)).

Till next time


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