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Husband update, 29 oct


Since last time, quite a few things have happen, mostly good ones.

He have had to move again, this time from the Infection Department over to a place specializing on wounds and care of those.
That happen on Tuesday the 27 October, after a long bad day where everything felt like it went to hell.
His infection is more or less gone, the blood test shows little or no infection cells in his blood – and from now on the focus was to help make the foot grow.
late this Tuesday afternoon, in this new place a doctor saw his foot and was positive to what she saw.
From her reaction it was easy to think that she had expected it worse – which was a good sign for us.
A even better sign was when she started to curt away dead skin under Tore’s foot, and under a lot of dead heavy and awful looking skin, she found bright fresh pinkish skin – wow, what a rush of good feels!!
This was a relief, as it brought for the first time great news for his foot, all things look like it will survive this ordeal. The toe no. 4 on the other hand… no problem loosing it is the words we hear, nobody seem to think it will survive, but had no rush taking it off either.

The good feel lasted mostly through Wednesday, Thursday morning (today) started with the most awful morning since he came here the 9th this month, as he was very sick this morning.
His blood pressure was very low, and he was very sick – which scared the hell out of him.

So, when the news they wanted to send him home today came a little later it was a shock.
It was changed to him coming home tomorrow by the end of the visit of the doctor – to much to take care of first.
But, sending a man home with big open wounds where you see straight into his foot sounds scary to us, but only time will help heal this foot so we do understand why holding him here when nothing can be done except nurse his wound every day is not very productive seen from a hospital’s view.

What should be a joy is really not a joy, Tore will not home, he is scared it will be to early or bad for him, but stay here seem to be an impossible thing so noone knows what happen now except he is coming home tomorrow!
But, it means his foot is saved for now – yeah!!

Best Regards


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Husband update, 26 oct

Hi again,

Today Tore is tired, sleepy and kind of angry at all and everything. His foot is still with us thankfully, and while his left foot toe no. 4 from the big one is still with us too, yesterday it did not look good at all so most likely that has to go… 😦
But, still way better then the whole foot.

There has been no wound cleaning today, so I have not seen his foot yet – his other problem, the infection up on his leg seems to have calm down a lot, but might still be there, hard to tell as he has always had some strange look on his legs.

I think the plan today is to check his blood flow, it was suppose to happen on Saturday, but nothing happen so we hope today.

Other then this, nothing happens really, he was finally taken of any IV medicine yesterday and from now on he is to get all his antibiotic stuff through pills.
There suppose to be a visit from two old friend today, but we have to see if they really can come or not, already had to cancel twice on Tore last week so no hopes is held up so to speak.

Tore been good for a few days now, I have my parents for a long planned visit – they came on Friday, and they been with me to the hospital every day except today, and Tore seem to have felt better as a result of them coming.
Today on the other hand..

He has some pain in his stomach, most likely something he ate he says, no mention of pain in his foot, might be some tingling like the other days though.

Till next time, take care of your self and your loved ones.


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Sitting at the hospital…


Another short update on my husband Tore and his condition.

Yesterday evening they finally took him down to surgery and removed a lot of dead tissue and skin – and that made his foot look today like someone had taken to large bites on his foot..
Fascinating, and scary at the same time.
Still risk for loosing the foot – will have to wait a few days and see again. It is the blood flow that is the problem, and how to raise that is anybody’s guess it seems.
He risk very much to loose one toe, his 4th, next to the little one… It seems to be more or less dead already, but we see, it is still there so…

Tore takes this very proud and great, he impress me a lot and I love him for pulling him self so together that he can manage to deal with this.
He fear he will have an after reaction, we both had today after they had changed the packing on the wound, I actually got sick in my stomach after first having felt no such problem looking at his foot.

I think we will manage our life if he can keep this good attitude, sure, we both will have to suffer with struggles and doubts and wishes for other situation, but if we both can manage to mostly think positive and try our best – this will work out in the end in some way!

Till next time, take care of your self and your loved ones!

Life is Trying you know.


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Husband update, 19 oct


Been some long days, more to come, but things looks to become better.

Tore still at the hospital, most likely be there for days and weeks to come – the infection in his leg is not letting him go free easy.
The trouble with the dying tissue is not resolved yet, the surgeon will have a second look at him tomorrow, but based on others reaction on the hospital the chance to save his foot is good – so I try to keep my hope up.

I will have to get to the hospital rather early tomorrow to make sure I be there when the surgeon comes by, I been there the past few days when the bandage is taken off and changed, so I have had a chance to see his foot my self, and I need/want to keep that happening.

The bad stuff today is that he has gotten a rash on is upper part of the leg/thigh and it needs to be watched as it might be a bad thing – or maybe just a rash from all the lying in bed, nobody knew today.

I’m not in the mood to write much, I spend most of my day either in transit till/from the hospital, or at the hospital it self, and when I’m home late at the evening, I’m rather tired and try to relax with a TV-show or some computer stuff.

Take care if your out there, and watch out if you have diabetes, look after your self!


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Husband update, 16 oct


Today been a bad day, Tore called me at noon with a shock message saying there is now a small risk that he might loose his left foot, as it has a lot of dead tissue in it that a surgeon took out today…
He will check again in 3-4 days, but unless things improve it might end up with having to do some drastic stuff.
It’s to early to tell though, so for now I/we only hope and try think on good things and wishing my husband the very best of recovery – but boy was it a blow to his and mine hearts! 😦

I been with Tore for over seven hours today, the drive from Eidsvoll and down to the Akershus Universitetssykehus is taking it toll on me – one hour each way and I been doing this every day since Sunday…
I’m getting tired, today I had a small breakdown my self before I left him for the night, I feel alone and empty inside, lot of sadness too.
But, I’m also proud of him, he takes this the best he can do most of the times – and that gives me hope that life may finally have thought him a lesson he will know for the rest of his life…

I been focusing on Tore so I have put all my other stuff aside more or less, and I haven’t even been able to keep friends up to date, which I’m sorry for.

For now, they treat Tore with lots of antibiotic and try to stabilize his “blood sugar”. There is two things happening in his foot, one is the infection mention in another blog post, the other is that due to his diabetics his blood veins are thinner and he gets to little blood flow it seems, and that kills his tissues and foot.
Twice the stress for the body and mind then we first heard about, but at least we know the risk now a little better.

Till next time, I need sleep, sorry – take care


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