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Another sad note


Last time I wrote here I had got news my grandmother had passed away, and yesterday I had a short meet with something nearly as bad.

My husband, Tore, which I dearly love and hate, fighting him every day almost – but still loving him for, become very ill during the day.

He has diabetics so we recognized some of the signs and took the normal route when such things happen.

but, this time it did not work, he become more ill, his left ankle was swelling up and becoming very red and painful to walk/stand on.
In addition, he started to shake and could nearly be up on on his feet.

When we tried to eat lunch he was shaking so bad on his hands and body that I asked if he thought it would be a good idea to check his “blood sugar”…
Which he though, and did – and wow, it was up in to the 20,5 number – scary!

As a result, we decided to call 113 – Norway’s version of 911 for medical help in case there was anything we could do to get his “blood sugar” down.
We where told that he needed to take it easy, he could finish his meal, but needed to get the foot up high and drink a lot.
The foot was most likely related to the diabetics was the word from the phone based on Tore’s description.
An ambulance would be sent – but if I lost Tore (he passed out) I had to call back at once!

Tore did stay with me though all the time, we finished our meal, and he went to the couch to lay down and put his foot high.
He was real sick.

Then the ambulance came around 40 minutes later, around 3 o’clock in the afternoon Friday. They checked his “blood sugar” again which now was up at a little over 25….
Mention to take him to the “Casualty Clinic” or his doctor – but as soon as they saw his foot the decision was to get him direct to the hospital instead.
They mention a word “Rosen” or a “propp” (blood clot) which scared both Tore and me as we both envious a worst case where he looses the foot.

So, the ambulance took Tore with them down to A-Hus, the regional hospital in the area, down near Lillestrøm/Strømmen in Lørenskog.
About 1 hour from here…

Many hours later, around seven at night the result from blood samples told us that Tore had got a skin infection called Rosen in Norwegian. The medical/English expression is erysipelas and which is a skin infection that can be treated.
In addition, Tore had a fever – his temperature was 39,5 C.
He be at the hospital for at least a couple of days…

I wanted to get away from him for a while, but not this way – it put me out of the world even more yesterday.
And, today, when I again discovered more of the bad sides of Tore and more unpaid bills… 😦

So, I never got to visit him today, I got so distressed and emotional broken I still suffer from it.

I been talking with Tore several times today, he is doing better, fever is down a little, foot is still very swollen – worse then when I last saw him – but doctors have assured him it will all be good.

I miss him, but I also like the peace in the house now.

Last night I had a long talk with a new friend in Moscow, Russia from the Trainz forum – he made me feel young and wanted and cared for, that was very nice!

Till next time

Take care


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