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Update on my husband


Today been a bad day for Tore, and me.
He been very sick, his “blood sugar” was all the way down to 1,2 which is very low – and he was so sick and almost seem to fade away from me/us.

The infection seem to have gone down a little, but his fever are back and he has a big growing fast blue bag under and at the side of his left foot that scares him and me.
A surgeon been looking at it and want to cut it off, but need to ease off a little due to the condition of Tore for the moment, hence they will try other means for the time being.
From yesterday till today it seem to have doubled it size – and it was so painful to walk that he had to beg for a wheelchair today.
Awful to see my husband this reduced – I never ever seen him this sick before, and it scares me.

And, makes me feel grownup – having to take charge and step up, not sure if I like the “behave like a grownup” part though… 🙂 LOL

I hope this turns soon, I’m starting to see visions I don’t like in my head.

Take care all, and watch your body so you too can be safe.


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