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Husband update, 16 oct


Today been a bad day, Tore called me at noon with a shock message saying there is now a small risk that he might loose his left foot, as it has a lot of dead tissue in it that a surgeon took out today…
He will check again in 3-4 days, but unless things improve it might end up with having to do some drastic stuff.
It’s to early to tell though, so for now I/we only hope and try think on good things and wishing my husband the very best of recovery – but boy was it a blow to his and mine hearts! 😦

I been with Tore for over seven hours today, the drive from Eidsvoll and down to the Akershus Universitetssykehus is taking it toll on me – one hour each way and I been doing this every day since Sunday…
I’m getting tired, today I had a small breakdown my self before I left him for the night, I feel alone and empty inside, lot of sadness too.
But, I’m also proud of him, he takes this the best he can do most of the times – and that gives me hope that life may finally have thought him a lesson he will know for the rest of his life…

I been focusing on Tore so I have put all my other stuff aside more or less, and I haven’t even been able to keep friends up to date, which I’m sorry for.

For now, they treat Tore with lots of antibiotic and try to stabilize his “blood sugar”. There is two things happening in his foot, one is the infection mention in another blog post, the other is that due to his diabetics his blood veins are thinner and he gets to little blood flow it seems, and that kills his tissues and foot.
Twice the stress for the body and mind then we first heard about, but at least we know the risk now a little better.

Till next time, I need sleep, sorry – take care


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