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Husband update, 19 oct


Been some long days, more to come, but things looks to become better.

Tore still at the hospital, most likely be there for days and weeks to come – the infection in his leg is not letting him go free easy.
The trouble with the dying tissue is not resolved yet, the surgeon will have a second look at him tomorrow, but based on others reaction on the hospital the chance to save his foot is good – so I try to keep my hope up.

I will have to get to the hospital rather early tomorrow to make sure I be there when the surgeon comes by, I been there the past few days when the bandage is taken off and changed, so I have had a chance to see his foot my self, and I need/want to keep that happening.

The bad stuff today is that he has gotten a rash on is upper part of the leg/thigh and it needs to be watched as it might be a bad thing – or maybe just a rash from all the lying in bed, nobody knew today.

I’m not in the mood to write much, I spend most of my day either in transit till/from the hospital, or at the hospital it self, and when I’m home late at the evening, I’m rather tired and try to relax with a TV-show or some computer stuff.

Take care if your out there, and watch out if you have diabetes, look after your self!


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