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Sitting at the hospital…


Another short update on my husband Tore and his condition.

Yesterday evening they finally took him down to surgery and removed a lot of dead tissue and skin – and that made his foot look today like someone had taken to large bites on his foot..
Fascinating, and scary at the same time.
Still risk for loosing the foot – will have to wait a few days and see again. It is the blood flow that is the problem, and how to raise that is anybody’s guess it seems.
He risk very much to loose one toe, his 4th, next to the little one… It seems to be more or less dead already, but we see, it is still there so…

Tore takes this very proud and great, he impress me a lot and I love him for pulling him self so together that he can manage to deal with this.
He fear he will have an after reaction, we both had today after they had changed the packing on the wound, I actually got sick in my stomach after first having felt no such problem looking at his foot.

I think we will manage our life if he can keep this good attitude, sure, we both will have to suffer with struggles and doubts and wishes for other situation, but if we both can manage to mostly think positive and try our best – this will work out in the end in some way!

Till next time, take care of your self and your loved ones!

Life is Trying you know.


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