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Husband update, 26 oct

Hi again,

Today Tore is tired, sleepy and kind of angry at all and everything. His foot is still with us thankfully, and while his left foot toe no. 4 from the big one is still with us too, yesterday it did not look good at all so most likely that has to go… 😦
But, still way better then the whole foot.

There has been no wound cleaning today, so I have not seen his foot yet – his other problem, the infection up on his leg seems to have calm down a lot, but might still be there, hard to tell as he has always had some strange look on his legs.

I think the plan today is to check his blood flow, it was suppose to happen on Saturday, but nothing happen so we hope today.

Other then this, nothing happens really, he was finally taken of any IV medicine yesterday and from now on he is to get all his antibiotic stuff through pills.
There suppose to be a visit from two old friend today, but we have to see if they really can come or not, already had to cancel twice on Tore last week so no hopes is held up so to speak.

Tore been good for a few days now, I have my parents for a long planned visit – they came on Friday, and they been with me to the hospital every day except today, and Tore seem to have felt better as a result of them coming.
Today on the other hand..

He has some pain in his stomach, most likely something he ate he says, no mention of pain in his foot, might be some tingling like the other days though.

Till next time, take care of your self and your loved ones.


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