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Husband update, 10th Nov


Today been a long but short day…

It’s hard to describe it, but it is not a bad day to say it so.

I was up early, by 8 this morning I was on my way into the hospital to visit and potential pick up Tore, and I came in to his room at 09:10 this morning to find him sitting in a chair playing a computer game called Mah Jong on the user screen they have in the rooms.

He looked in good shape, and sounded in good spirit. 🙂

I had not been there more then maximum 5 minutes before a doctor/surgeon and a nurse came in to have a look at Tore’s foot.
Had not even been able to get the laptop up and running…
This doctor was in my opinion a informative doctor, he talked a little to much about amputation for Tore’s liking, but I found it interesting that he showed where it might be cut of if it has to come to that in the future. For now, it is only an option – a sort of easy way out so to speak as the wound it don’t seem to want to heal at all.
But, if Tore wants to, and is able to walk on the foot – of course there was no problem with Tore keeping the foot, large holes and all. 🙂
He just wanted to let Tore know there is the amputation option, and what it might mean to Tore to have it done.
Being this came so strongly today, it was not possible for Tore to keep to his normal self, he is a very strong man my husband Tore, and I’m impressed and proud over him for the way he deals with this stuff.
The way he don’t hide from his emotions, the way he let them speak to him, taste them, feel them – he made me very proud of him today! This is in my opnion the best way to deal with the fact that one day he might have to amputate his foot.
But so far, not a need to, thankfully.

There is different opinion among the doctors, the foot and the wounds there heals very slowly, if at all, but this is a known problem for people with diabetes so time is out friend here, if Tore can stand the time it takes, no problem.

Of course, he can not stay in the hospital for ever, he from today of have started a trial with coming home with me and just drive down to the hospital for the wound dressing and cleaning every morning for the time being – as they said yesterday, as few hands as possible to handle these wounds on his foot.
And, work with the pills they give him to try to make the blood more liquid/thinner.

Time will tell, but for now I don’t have to be alone – which is a good thing from my point of view! 🙂

Take care of your self and your family.

Best wishes as always


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