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Husband update, 12th Nov


Is a long day at the hospital today, been her since 09:15 and it is now 12:38 and we still waiting.

The wound been unpacked for an hour now, we been waiting for some specialist to see his foot – one has been her already that saw it a day or so after they cut Tore’s foot open some weeks back. And, in his opinion this is no good, there is no healing and a slim like 1% or less chance for it to ever heal it self…
To treat with a vacuum thingy they have he was not optimistic at all, 99% chance it will never work…
But, he wanted a second opinion, and that is what we are waiting for now…

Other then that, the toe number 4 is black and awful, starting to get more red under too, starts to smell a little maybe too..
Tore has two blemishes on his toe 2 & 3 too, they been growing since this weekend, and they look awful today, skin been cracked and they have big red spots on them… 😦
The wound it self looks not as dark as yesterday, but hope is getting low mentally now.

The specialist said that as long as Tore can walk around and move his foot the way he can now, and is willing to to dress/clean the wound every day, he can keep his foot with no problem…
It sounds awful, walking around with open wounds like this, but the alternative is worse maybe, to cut it off up around the knee…

Time will tell, but we have long awful times ahead I see here, feel here, and I just wonder what next is in line of bad stuff to happen…

Take care


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