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Husband update, 16th Nov


This will be a short note, not much good to report.

We are right now at the hospital, waiting for the doctor to sign of Tore’s release for the time being and the medications he need.
Been a long day, lot of information to handle – but every one ask him to please not take to long to consider the amputation. One doctor even asked him to take the decision today when he saw how much antibiotic Tore is on.
It is to soon for my taste, seems that way for Tore too, but I have to admit, I struggle a lot with this as I don’t feel all options to see if the wound can heal has been tried yet.
I doubt it will help on the top wound, but I so hope something could help on the bottom wound under his foot.
It is a hard road to knowledge about amputation being the best thing, I know in the future it will, but my feelings don’t fully agree with me yet.

Tore is damn brave in this, I fear I can’t be as brave – it is a struggle I can’t describe, it is like I can feel his pain/struggles and then have my own on top of it.
I know that sounds awful, I’m not sure if I have a good way to describe it, I know that what Tore experiences has to be worse then what I feel – but how to describe it…

It is hard to be here and see Tore struggle, wishing to talk with people around him, having hard time to get hold of old friends – to express him self and so on.
I my self feel a strong urge/need to talk with my friends and family – but in the same time I know there are stuff I can’t say as they will not understand me and I fear we end up in an argument

But, I have to run now.

Take care


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