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Husband update, 18th Nov


These last few days been very hard days on the mind, both for Tore and me.

He has essential been told there is no hope for the foot, chop it of at the leg, go through the program, get a prosthetic leg and live a long wonderful life. Your a great candidate and one we would go for they said on Monday.

They push for him doing it fast, it will pay in the long run to do it now they say, Tore is strong, healthy, no way the foot will grow and it will only get worse if you leave it on so to speak.

But, it is damn hard to get the mind to the state where it knows and feels this to be fully the truth, that the foot has decided not to be part of your life anymore – and it is a long road there, and with the fear for the road forward after that for many weeks and months to come with lot of struggles, hardship and feeling of loss and helplessness – damn it is a hard decision to make!
I so wish there was anything I could do for Tore to lessen this, but all I can do is be here for him the best I can, and that just don’t feel like good enough for me! 😦

It is hard days, we have plenty more hard days – but, I have my husband back, better then ever!
He is in touch with him self like never before, it sends chills down my spine to think and feel and know this, boy do I live this man and his will to get through this!
He is brave as hell!

Take care of your self, I need to run


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