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Husband update, 22th Nov


Nothing much to report really, as Tore is still debating over when he is admitting him self into the hospital again to chop of his foot and partly leg…

We had decided to let his brother know this weekend, being more like a child then a 58 year old man we feared his reaction and thought/hoped spending time with us would be a good way to break the news.
Problem is that the body of his brother is more like 80 or so in age so he is very limited in his movements, and this weekend has been the worse ever in us having to help Tore’s brother with almost everything from getting up of the chair to almost hold his hand all the way to the toilet, bathroom, kitchen…
This been taking its toll on Tore that knows that he too will in near future becomes extremely limited in his movements and things he can do without having to think it through in order to make sure he can get it done.

Tore is a very brave and great man – I’m so proud of him, the way he handles this situation he is in, the way he don’t hide from him self, I know in my heart that he will get through this no matter how hard it will be!

I fear I will tackle this not as good, but so far I’m hanging in there with Tore doing my best.

We are going to drive his brother home now, in to Oslo where he lives, maybe we go visit their aunt too, not sure yet. Hope we do, last time she saw Tore he was in the hospital bed, rather “not there” mentally or in body/spirit – and here he is walking around and looking like a healthy man.
Rather strange that he needs to amputate his foot when you look at him – you have to know how is foot is to understand it.

We are hanging in there, was a hard day to day as Tore’s brother decided he was to tired to go to the bathroom, had already pied his diapers full and now he pied all over the coach he was laying on – without telling us… 😦
He had some spreads there to collect wet stuff (learned from passed experiences), but it was not enough and it went all over the width of the coach – the same place Tore has to lay on when the wound is cleaned and changed every day by the home care people coming to our home every day now.
We where mad as hell, but nothing we could do except clean it up as good as possible.

But, now I need to run, we are ready for departure, it is 3 in the afternoon, and very soon it will be dark – it is a rainy day so that don’t help either.

Take care


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