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Husband update, 24th Nov


Tore has made the decision, he called the hospital earlier today the 24th of November 2009 and said that he has reach a conclusion that he has to let go of his foot.

Its not been an easy one, in fact it been the hardest ever for him – but it has to happen.

The foot is slowly dying on him, and will eventually down the line possible end up killing Tore too, and he don’t want that.
His exposed sinew/tendon (?) under the foot has for the second day now shown increased cracking up and loosing it self up – not a good sign at all.
There are no healing to see, the toes are smelling badly, number 4 is starting to get real loose, number 2 and 3 is coming after.

So far no sign of his body not being able to fight the infection he has in his foot, he been healthy after he got off the antibiotics on Friday, temperature and blood sugar stays within normal range.
We keep a close eye on this two as they are signs og his infection raising – and if it does, we call the hospital at once as a increase in the infection will decrease his chances of recover from all this with the best results as wishes for.

As far as we know, they will amputate his left leg about 12-15cm below his knee – and within a month or a half month more should be having his first prosthetic leg if all goes well. Will be from around 6-12 weeks before they expect him to be out of the hospital and the “training center” where he will go afterward – will be around 2-4 weeks in the hospital, rest is then training and more training.
He might be home for Christmas, might not be the best idea considering the crappy place we live – but we deal with that when the time comes.
I will support him the best I can when he is admitted to the hospital again, maybe next week – doubtful this week, but who knows.

We will get a letter with a date, maybe even a early phone call when the surgeon knows the time, till then, all we van do is stay safe, and do the best we can.

Tore is a very brave man! And I bow my head in admiration for his will and determination, this is the man I been fighting for all this year, this is the man that has found him self, the inner strength, and as long as he can hold on to that he and I will be OK.

If you care for some pictures, please be advised, they are strong ones – this is how he looked today:
Pic. 1 – A look at the bottom of his left foot, you can see the wound under there, also a non healing one – and where the cracking has taking place since yesterday.
Pic. 2 – A closeup of the wound under his foot.
Pic. 3 – A closeup of his dying toes from the bottom side.
Pic. 4 – A closeup of his dying toes from the top side.
Pic.5 – A closeup of the non healing wound on the top of his foot, you can see straight into the foot and the white stuff in there is his sinew/tendons for his toes.

If you have survived the look, or decided not to see, be advised that these wounds are created by a surgeon in order to remove a lot of dead and rotten tissue and other stuff – and they looked more or less like this since 21 of October when they did the surgery… The toes are not that old though, but they still dies…

Live and learn – take care of your feet if you have diabetic, this happen is a very short time frame, the infection till it started to die was just a few days – one day I might post more pictures of the time frame, but for now, this is what I want to show.

Best wishes everyone


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  1. 29 Nov 2009 at 00:18

    I posted some comments before anyway, because lots of your stuff is really informative.Absolutely amazing man!

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