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Husband update, 27th Nov – Date is in for amputation!


This is a stressful day today, Tore got the letter from the hospital today, one day late as there had been a mix-up with the address info – but we manage even if it made this day even more stressful.

Tore is already to admit him self to the hospital now Tuesday the 1st of December, for amputation the following day, the 2nd of December 2009. !! 😦

This is fast, way fast, and caused a lot of stress, problems – for instance we have our car on the needed 150 000km Service this day…
We have had no chance to speak with people that suppose to help us make this home we live in manageable for Tore to get around in without a foot/leg – now we need to try make that happen in case Tore is sent home for Christmas with one foot and no prosthetic foot…
Stupid that I should have to deal with all this while Tore is at the hospital, he is the person it is for, surely he should have a say in all this…

Either way, it caused a lot of stress, Tore is dealing very good, I struggles as I see all the problems ahead and try to find ways to overcome them, and it freaks me out.

But, that is the latest news I am able to share now.

Take care


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