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Husband update, 8th Nov


Another day back at the hospital, right now Tore is not feeling great at all. He is tired, sleepy and cold.
He is in pain, worse then I’ve seen him for about 1,5 week now, the dressing of the wound was painful today.

The wound it self looks like it normally do, the nurse said the bacteria in it seem to have loosen up a little, which is a good thing, and the fact he feels pain should also be a good indication as to bloodflow and the whole healing thing.

Tore got the offer of sleeping home this night too, just be here between nine and ten tomorrow for the doctor’s visit.
He is very uncertain what he want to do though, but for the moment he’s just had a dinner and struggles a little with finding any nurse around.

There is a man in another room in terrible pain based on the sounds from that room, I wonder if that too affects Tore’s state of mind.
Tore is afraid of going home again, but he also wants too.
Afraid thew pain he feels is due to him been home, as the pain been growing since yesterday – but I’m not that worry.

Not sure what will happen today.


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Husband update, 7th Nov – part 2

Hmm, here I am again, hello BTW… 😉

They’ve just been here and cleaned up his wound, and we where told that if Tore wanted, he could come back tomorrow and spend another night home…

Tempting, very tempting, but Tore is a little unsure if he wants to as he feel very tired in his body – but I think he will take the offer.

The wound looked like yesterday, maybe a little more bacteria in it, but they cleaned as good they can and it is really up to his body to create the bloodflow needed.
He looked better in his face they said, so it was clear it did him good in spirit at least. No indication on the trip making him worse either, even if his left leg looks a little more red and swollen maybe.
Keep his leg high and lay more down is the idea Linda has if he comes home with her today.

I think he does, and Tore just confirmed that. So, we start packing and soon leave again then, before 1 in the afternoon, cool. 🙂

Take care all


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Husband update, 7th Nov

07 Nov 2009 2 comments


I’m back at the hospital with Tore, his short vacation home is over and he’s back in the hospital bed sleeping and being very tired.

It was a good night sleep in own bed, but he been getting more tired then Linda is used to see him at the hospital, and his wound has been very wet on the outside of the bandage so unsure how this might have effected his wounds.
Don’t think there are reason for concern though, as I seen it as wet before, but it makes one wonder as long as things been a little different with him outside for this period since yesterday afternoon.

He feels a little more pain too, so just let us hope it is good signs and not bad ones.

No one known when he will get home, or have a leave next time, but it was a good few hours together outside of the hospital.
The cat in our house also liked to see Tore again, she been missing him, so that was good to please her too a little.

Till next time

Take care


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Husband update, 6th Nov – part 2

Hi again,

Tore managed to get a small leave from this afternoon till tomorrow morning 10 AM 🙂

It was Okay for the hospital, so now we’re packing up the stuff and compact it a little.

This is great in a way, but don’t save me from driving in here every day either… Tomorrow I’m still back here….
Visiting him again, waiting for things to improve enough to him getting home for good more or less.

But, this is good news, hence, I felt for writing it and share it for who ever want to read this stuff… LOL 😉


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Husband update, 6th Nov


Still at the hospital with Tore, they hold him back so a level of indication on how thick his blood is can raise up to a level they want it at.
It seem to not want to do that, normally it takes a couple of days, this now taken a week – and they have now raised his medication a little in hope it will help.

The foot it self looks like it lives a little, his toe number 4 is dead, dark, black, rotting slowly away. They now talk about cutting it off completely, instead of letting it rot away and fall off by it self like they said earlier…
There is some growing, the wound is mostly clean which is a good thing – but the doctor/surgeon today mention the possibility of cutting away some of the exposed stuff going down to his toes.
The only effect this will have we been told is that he can not lift his smaller toes, being he already can do do that I guess it should not matter to much…
Still, it was a shock, and made us a little more afraid again.

And, realize, Tore still will not come home yet…
Today it is 4 weeks since he ended up in the hospital, and he want to come home, and I want him to come home…
Even if there is snow and awful up there at the cabin…

Yesterday I had to move around 6cm of snow by hand, so I ended up taking some of me meager savings and went out an ordered and bought on my way back home from the hospital a snow blower or whatever it is called. It chews the snow up and throws it away, it is a “self walker” I think, but I have to go behind it and control it.
Never used a tool like this before, I wonder how it will be. It uses gasoline as fuel BTW.

So, what will happen now I don’t know, I’m real tired and don’t want to go into the hospital every day no more, but I feel I have to do it for my self still, so I will keep it up. But, I am burning out, I can feel it, see it, sense it…
Let us hope Tore comes home soon.


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