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Husband update, 30th Nov


It is 02:52 at the last night my husband has in his home for ever with two feet and full legs – and we’re still not in bed…

It is hard times mentally/emotionally – and today been harder due to externally causes like snow, power loss due to planned worked on the power lines in the area, stuff to arrange, a car to have its 150 000km service done, people to meet an so on…

With no power, we had no computer, had to use the evening to type down all happenings from earlier today, been lot of work, many hours of typing…

Soon, we get around 3 hours of sleep, maybe 4, but then we need to get up, no later then 7 AM and get ready to go to the hospital for Tore to get written in and start the last count down to the for ever loss of his left foot and part leg… 😦

It is dying on him, we can see that, but it is still a damn hard thing to settle on – I’m married to a very brave man!

I need sleep, take care


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