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Husband update, 2 Dec – Bad times


Tore is back at the hospital, been here since yesterday. Learned yesterday that the surgery was changed till tomorrow instead – hit us like a sledgehammer!
Was not good, mentally been prepared for today, and then checking in and learning the amputation is tomorrow Thursday instead. 😦

And, I’m not allowed to stay with Tore at the night, not at the evening either really, after 8 in the evening and before 9 in the morning is like the time I can no be here… 😦
Stupid rules, if Tore needs me, who the shit should stop that? That is bullshit, mentally this is hard for a person, why should rules make it even harder?

So far this thing at the hospital have made the situation for Tore and me way harder and tougher then we had imagine it to be. Feelings inside of us is one thing, but why should the system and hospital make it even harder, they suppose to help us, not stress us up more, right?

Today Tore is away a few hours to get the medication started, the anesthetic stuff was put in yesterday and is activated today, now – and this on a person that don’t feel any pain at all – wasteful and as far as I understand, totally unneeded…
But, the system say so, people normally is in pain when they amputate, Tore is in forefront of all this, and yet they treat him this bad – had it been me, I had walked out yesterday, or at least this morning as we had a rude doctor in here treating Tore – and me – as things, not like people with feelings.
Tore is very brave, I’m very proud of him – but this stuff should have been a way better handled then it is, no need to stress people like this, we should have had good feel from the hospital and felt safe and secure, instead at least I feel like we have no control what so ever!

I hate this, I wish we can somehow use this lessons learned to help make it better for people after us – we can’t be the only one that feel mistreated like this, and no-one in need of an amputation, this drastic change in one’s life, should have to deal with the insecurity that we deal with here now!!

Take care, we survive, we grow from this, but damn, I had a hard day yesterday and having a bad one today too!!


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