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Husband update, 6 Dec – Good times


I should post a long overdue short info here in case anyone out there actually read this readings of mine… 🙂

Today it is Sunday, right now Tore is sleeping in the bed beside of me here at the hospital – but that is a good thing as more sleep he gets the better he gets.
Yesterday he and I had a great time together, but already on Friday around 11-11:30, less then 24 hours after the surgery and his left foot had been amputated to up around 15cm below his knee he was out of the bed and hopping around the floor for like 2 seconds and two jumps. 🙂
This man is coming out of this ordeal stronger and greater and more grown then I could ever have imagined and even dared dreaming about!

We have had lot of good long talks, like I’m falling in love all over again, I get sort of paid for 6 years of fighting with him, and I feel it has been worth it to get this man I have next to me here in the hospital!!

Today they have given him his freedom back too, no longer has he any painkiller stuff into his back to drag around, nor the thingy up into his manhood to get the pee out, no strings, tubes or anything but him self to drag around – and with his left foot gone he is about 2,3kg lighter to drive around in the wheelchair then before the operation – except before he could walk, and for the moment that is a little hard for him… 🙂 😦

Tore was out of the bed and moving around 4 times the very first day after the operation, yesterday he was out 3, but longer trips – including one out in fresh free air a few seconds – and today he been up one so far, but sat at a table and ate breakfast with me for the very first time in this new chapter of his life!

Lot of good feels, tomorrow the hard stuff comes, the exercising, the building up of muscles in his arms and other leg to take all his weight and learn how to move around as one legged man!
But, his spirit is high, and I’m sure it will be some good times there as well.

Take care


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