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Husband update, 12 Dec – OK times

Hello to anybody out there,

Thank you all for the support and understanding and good wishes and thoughts!

They been good in hard times, emotionally it been a real mountain railroad, full of sharp unexpected curves, high bridges where you feel you will drop down every moment, sudden drops and raises in the track – and always wished the mine at the end is around the next curve as you want to get off the train.

We’re hardly there yet, but we entered a longer piece of good graded track, the scenery is easy and both interesting and boring sometimes to look at – today we have a slow ride but it allowed me to have some free time for only me as Tore has been sleeping.

I try keep a diary for Tore and me, it used to help me many years ago when I went through some hard times in life with hospital time (less then Tore has by now though) and time to heal – and I hope me writing will help Tore down the line too, even if it takes allot of time and energy to try keep the info and feelings remembered long enough to write it down.

Tore is marvelous in all this, but he keeps the feelings bottled up a little to much sometimes so he has some hard times suddenly when things becomes to much, but we manage both.

He is up “walking” around on a “walker” with 4 wheels from time to time, jumping around you can say, but it is though and he can’t manage long trips with it, but even a trip of 6m to and back from the toilet is a good thing!
Mostly he uses the wheelchair to get around, but he tries to do simple exercises.

Monday we’re off to the Rehabilitation place for 8 days – and due to big emotionally press, and Tore’s welfare, I’m invited to come with him, much to my relief because it was hard to live with the fact we where to be separated for a long time with him on this training place – it essentially broke my spirit right down as much of my energy seem to be linked to Tore.

For Christmas this place closes, but they found Tore a place on a local hospital type where he will be from the 22.12.2009 till 05.01.2010 when he is back at the Rehabilitation place for a unknown time frame.

He has started the slow process of learning the body to accept the thing that his new leg is to be attached to, started yesterday, twice a day for 30min each, then over to 1 hour time frames and then the whole day – guess that is a couple of weeks away.
It’s a silicon thingy put over the rest of his leg, knee and up on his thigh to put the stress/weight/forces from the prosthetic leg over to his knee – they call it a suspension prosthetic leg/foot.

The pains are mostly taken care of with painkillers in pills, but sometimes it hurts as hell when they change the dressing on the wounds – which by the way heals mostly nicely, he had a fall on Monday that forced a few stitches to be redone as it open it up a little on the outer side, 6 stitches he broke up… 😦
I needed that fall he said as soon as he hit the floor, it was a stupid fall, was so sure about him self he did not bother to check where he was in distance from the wheelchair, so he sat near the front of it and fell sideways. 😦

I’m still very proud of him and for what he has managed to do so far, we have though times a ahead, especially him, more pains as we spoke with a man yesterday that have both feet gone, and he warned Tore that first time walking is rather painful, but stick to it and it will be great!

Best wishes


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  1. 12 Dec 2009 at 22:06

    I really like your blog and i respect your work. I’ll be a frequent visitor.

  2. 20 Dec 2009 at 05:31

    Thank you! You often write very interesting articles. You improved my mood.

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