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13th of January 2010 – A new Foot


For those who might read and follows the story around my husband Tore and his “search” for a new left foot and part leg, the latest news are now in, and we have a new foot and leg right now standing in the room!! 🙂

Last Wednesday, the 6th of January they decided down here at Bakke Rehabilitation Center that Tore’s leg and his wound there should be able to survive a casting in plaster so they could start build his first prosthetic leg/foot.
Today the big day was finally here where he was to see, feel, try on his new foot/leg – and he been very anxious the past few days and kinda been counting down the hours in his head.

So, around ten o’clock this morning (Norway time) Tore was at the office of the physiotherapist that is assigned to him here at Bakke.
The orthopedist engineer was also there, and he took and open a big bag where Tore’s new foot was inside of it! It looked strange, large, wrongly built/dimensioned as it felt rather short, very wide at the top where the rest of the leg is to be put inside, skin colored at top, a piece looking like a foot in skin color in bottom, but rest was steel tubes and moving pieces to allow for angles and movement of the foot.
Strange feel – how Tore felt I don’t know.

It was told that this is not heavier then the foot he lost, it did feel heavier, Tore also said that when it was on his
body and not just holding it – but the engineer claimed it not to be. We know for a fact Tore lost 2,3kg from one day to the other with only the surgery and amputation in between – so we have the actually weight loss. 🙂

There was lot of talk, showing, stuff – but then the foot was clicked on, and Tore was given a “preachers chair” on wheels to hold on to when he for the first time in 6 weeks once again stood on two feet!!
Lovely sight, must been wonderful and weird for him I imagined.

This evening, 6 weeks ago was the last time Tore took some walk around on his two feet, now, at least for a few minutes today, he could walk around again – that is magic nearly! 🙂
Six weeks ago he could walk without support, now he needs support and training, but in maybe 6 more weeks that might not be needed anymore maybe…
It’s wonderful – but life will not go back to where it was.

It is a new life, new challenges, new lot of stuff – but, he has a foot now, and while only few minutes every day is allowed to use that foot to train up and allow the skin to adjust and heal for the task ahead of allowing tore to walk around again, we will get there!

I’m proud of my husband, it is not the brave wonderful man I saw near end of last year – but I see a man still struggling to make the best he can to get on his feet again, and a man a little more scared then the other, but that also means most likely more safe then the other.
Which is good.

Tore has maybe walked 20-30 meters today, among those maybe around 10-15 meters backward, and everyone seem to think he did great – which I find great!!

Tomorrow exercise starts up with a few more things on his feet, maybe Friday night if body is OK with the foot we will be allowed to do a few more exercises, including the evening by our self.
Only time will tell, but for now – a great day!

For me too, I got a package today with stuff from a seller in Colorado with some great Victor photographs – wonderful, both Tore and me got presents today… 🙂

Till next time, take care


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