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A few words to update

Hi all,

The time since my last post been a time of stress, happy days, bad days, very bad days, and good days.

Tore been magnificent with his wish to get up on his feet again and walk around, but been fighting like hell to avoid to have to think for him self and stand up and decide what he wants for him self and work for that, rather have a fight with me so he can have things told him, rather then think it out him self what he wants…

But, on the other hand, he been so wonderful, energetic, full of wish to prove him self coming to the fact of just walking around on two feet again.

Which he does, beautifully really!! 🙂

He can move with no crutches to aid him, walks steps/stairs like we normally do, he can walk on snow, uneven ground (not perfect, but he gets around), he been out on a skitrip for like ten minutes before he said hello to the snow.
He been showing great will and power – and it has paid off!

We are now home for good, he has all the needed knowledge with his new leg/foot to be able to get his life back on track – the only problem is that he is not willing to put his mouth where his actions are, or his actions where his mouth is…

Time will tell how it ends, between him and me it seems like a black hole, but I still love him and work my ass of to find ways to survive.

There you have the very short version. 🙂


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