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Sorry, I'm still here…


Life moves on, every second, every minute, every hour and so on – life continues for ever it seems.

Which I guess is good. LOL

It is funny, strange, how things goes, I’m still stuck in Norway, for good it seems.

Last time I wrote I knew we where in trouble, but now I really know it as we are flat broke.

After years of nagging and pushing I was finally able to get Tore to understand that this nailing of him to the wall was for the benefit of our both – and he finally gave me the numbers that relates to our monthly expenses…

What a downer that was – I knew we had trouble, but the numbers where much higher then I had imagined, this can not last.

So, as Easter is passing by, and I have some work doing carpentry on the house here in Eidsvoll, it also means we are nearing next week and normal life again, with bills and other stuff to keep in mind.
And, of course, no work up here at the cabin.

Meaning, I guess we end up arguing again, as life catches up with us again…

I’m sick and tired of this stuff, I’m mad at my self for not pinning Tore to the wall years ago, and even more mad at him for not being able to control the money & expanses – and for not being a man I can trust.
I feel let down, betrayed and lied to – and I so want him to pay for it!

But, I also love him, and want the best in life for him – so it is a constant conflict within me, eating away my sanity each second, minute, hour, day, week, month… 😦

Not sure how to move on, I don’t feel I’m able to survive this much longer, and I have nothing left of my energy or any way to regain my self.
I’ve lost my home, we still own it, but I will never get back to the house in the Netherlands and the life I had grown to feel comfortable with. I’m feeling left alone out in the cold, and with no place to go, no place to feel home, no place to re-energy my self.

There are light points along the way though, and I do sometimes get a good feel over me – it just don’t last very long.

As long as I’m able to occupy my brain/mind with work on the new house, I feel happy and able to survive one more day – but like now, at evening I just feel so empty.

How will it end, who knows, all I know is that I have a dinner I need to go check on. 🙂

So, bye for now, who knows, maybe next time/month, year I have some good news to share to the world/who ever reads this stuff. 😉

Best wishes


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New day…


A new day, dark and wet as yesterday, but not as dark emotionally as last night…

But, things feels different, like there is a invisible wall out there…

While speaking about walls, Egil & Øyvind been busy putting up the 10th row on the garage up here at Eidsvoll – it is U-blocks and is the last row.
According to them, 9th row was so good that it had to be luck as they hardly seen it so good when you have so many “broken wall segment” to connect – so they seemed pleased.
It could be the laser they used, but.. 🙂

The rain makes being out miserable, but I’ve been out – and I had to work too… LOL Bringing U-blocks to them…

Anyway, just wanted to type a few words

Best wishes


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Back in Norway…

03 Jan 2007 1 comment


Back in Norway, and what do you know, it was frost and ice on the ground – and guess what, I didn’t come up that awful stupid fucking last hill with the car and had to stop at the neighbor below to “dug out” the chains from under all the luggage and put them on..
One was broke, so I got only one chain – but I manage to get up that hill!!

Then, since yesterday, work had been done up here by Egil & Øyvind – and we had a agreement none should be done before we where back!! 😦
Egil phoned us early yesterday morning, while we where on the road through Germany – boy was I mad at them for starting work without me being here.


One wall “fixed” – in my views, messed up a little – and some blocks we told them, yesterday, used up that was needed for the middle wall between the two garage doors as they where all of the small length that we got at the very first row…
Result, they need to cut down the door opening afterward a few millimeters – and I no longer can use a wall as reference except if I keep to the first row only…

Other then that, it been cold, I’m stressed out as hell, and I can’t help for not liking the way they put up the blocks, so sloppy in my eyes….
I’m strange you see. LOL

It is good to see work be done, I would love to do it my self though.

The very worse thing is the fact it started to snow after it got dark!!

I hate that, I want nice warm weather till end of January!!!!

Other then, that, I need food, so bye!


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Last updates up


Sorry for the lateness in updating the Eidsvoll Project pages, but at least I’ve pulled my self together and added all pictures and some text that may help describe what happen after my latest update in middle of October 2006.

Not much been happening, but we got some work done today, will add some pictures tomorrow of that – and will use the days before Christmas to try to do more work.

Leave for the Netherlands just after Christmas, need a quick trip back home, hopefully we have a home still down there…

Then back again, early next year there will come people and put up the rest of the garage for us, and then some time in the third week we will get the roof up also.

After then, who knows, wish I could have a fund raising on the Internet, as we lack money to fulfill the house…

Anyway, till I write again, best wishes all


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Nearly Christmas


Today we write the 18 December on the calendar, and still I sit here stuck in Norway…

Haven’t been home in the Netherlands since 1 of August, I don’t even know if I have a home/house to come home to, or if it has been broken into/vandalized or nothing…

I hope all is in order, but the scare is there that something is not right.

We are to leave for home this week, but got a new delay yesterday when Tore’s brother called and said he had a doctor’s appointment on Thursday, and that is bad, as he was suppose to come with us for a Christmas Holiday in the Netherlands…
So, no leaving on Tuesday or Wednesday on us…

Add to the insult, yesterday and today, there is nice weather but around 4 degree Celsius below zero – meaning Tore and I can not do any work outside building up the garage as we have no tools to defrost the ice from the already put down “bricks”, and none of us feels putting concrete on top of ice is a good idea… 🙂

Then , to top it all of, today Tore is not feeling well at all, and seem to have no idea what it can be – he just know he feels very bad… 😦

So, here I sit, freezing a little, nice weather outside, but have nothing to do – no feel for doing much inside either, so another boring day I suspect…

Till next time/year…


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