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One down, four more to go…


Yes, I’m done with the hoist house for the Iron Blossom Mine (for now at least ;)) as I’ve textured all parts, added in a few more windows based on my best guesses (moving away from the drawing a little here, but who cares LOL) so the hoist man can easier see towards the shaft – and get some more light in.

I’ve decided not to add in any smokestack, this was a electric hoist mine according to my source – but I will make a external smokestack to use with this or other structures as for my use, this will be a coal/wood fired hoist… πŸ˜›

I’m not 100% convinced I’m happy with the textures, and it is one massive size on the texture used here coming in at 2048×1024 pixel at about 6MB in size. 😐

I do think however I will try reduce that down to a 1024×512 texture, but if it makes the roof and windows/door look horrible, I’m not…

Here is a picture from inside my model viewer (Trainz Object Explorer) which I’ve used for years to look at all my gmax models – as I’ve yet to enter Trainz itself to check it out there.:

Hoisthouse as seen in TOE
Click to see a larger view

I hope I will be done with the other parts this weekend, doubt it a little, but hope. πŸ™‚

I’ve yet to finish of the ore house, head frame, don’t even have started on the trestle to connect it all, and I should add in a brick shed I think is the dynamite shed (that should be quick, as it is only 4 walls, a roof, and one single door :)).

Till next time


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Another quick update

Howdy world,

Not much happening today really, had a trip down to Jessheim with Tore today as he had a appointment down there with someone I hope will help over time.
Rain most of the day, sun in the late afternoon.

Hence, not a very good mood setting day – but, I was able to crank open gmax a little and whip out what turned out to be a large hoist house for the Iron Blossom Mine I’ve been working on for the last week or so.
Working from a drawing set I got hold of from the Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette I been trying to faithful recreate the structure as the drawing says, but I’ve not fully succeed as set out to do.
But, I’m happy with the way I do it though. πŸ™‚

For the place in Trainz where I put this it might be a little to large set of structures – and when comparing the head frame and the hoist house to the ore bin – it sure looks like a tiny ore bin…

But, I’m having fun, and while making up the start of the texture set for this structure took me a while – and left me with no time to do the rest, I think I’m on a good track here.
Now, to find time and energy to do the rest.

It’s almost 01:00 here, Saturday is only a night of sleep away – so I’m not sure when I will work on this again.

So, for the time being, this is where I stand now:

First, a look at the basic shape and look of the new hoist house. I have yet to map out textures for the windows and doors, add on a corrugated roof and a foundation – and for my use, a smokestack might also be installed. πŸ™‚
Looking at Hoisthouse from down the hill
Click to see a larger view

Second, here is the hoist house as seen from the backside of it, looking down the hill and seeing all 3 models of mine. πŸ™‚ and, yes, I need to map out a texture for the roof as this is only basic planks.
Looking at Hoisthouse from the backside, uphill
Click to see a larger view

Third, this view shows all 3 models looking up the hill, the good thing about making this as separate models I’m more free to place them around in the ground and just connect them as needed. πŸ™‚
The whole setup, orebin, headframe and hoisthouse from down the hill
Click to see a larger view

Hope the views can bring some pleasure to look at, they do for me and that is the important part I think. πŸ˜›

and, with this I sign off for now.


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A quick update

Today I was able to find a few hours of inspiration and that made me start on the head frame that goes with the ore bin a few days back.

I’ve even found a spot on one of my test maps in Trainz to place this mine – the ore house being tall and narrow made it though to find a spot – but in the end, I did succeed…

Lot of work still remains, but I had some fun, and I think I’m of to a great start. πŸ™‚

Click for a somewhat bigger view

Click for a somewhat bigger view

Click for a somewhat bigger view

Best as always


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Not like old days…

Hello world,

I’m no good at modeling anymore I feel, one of the reasons for that is that I don’t do much work in 3D modeling anymore, and another reason is I don’t have the greatest textures around either to build with.

But, it don’t stop me from trying sometimes when the feel is there, the energy is there, or the plain old lust for something I see in a new old thing I just bought… LOL

Or, any other reason comes by to convince me to crank open gmax and do my best.

One such reason came through a young fellow on the Trainz forum a while ago, but I seem unable to make my self understandable so it never got very far.
But, through a friend of mine, I was able to secure a better look of this material – still not as good as I wished it was, but way better then I first had access to.

Then, next time mood stroke me, early this week, I started on making this model.

I built it in a different way then I used too, and it took me several days – including 1,5 day I was unable as my back & neck was killing me and feeling really painful making computer work not interesting at all.

Yesterday it was better, and together with some hours today making my self some textures, I’ve ended up with this structure here looking down on it from a old program called TrainzObjectExplorer (TOE):

Iron Blossom Mine No.3 Orebin for Trainz

Lot of work still remains on this, and I have yet to find any good place for it on any of my test maps. It don’t fit my Cripple Creek project, but it felt good to do some modeling again so maybe it will gain some usefulness for me after all. πŸ™‚


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This is why I love modeling!


Below is the reason why I do love modeling!! πŸ™‚

Mountain Boy

This is a gmax model of the Mountain Boy in Cripple Creek, and a model I’ve worked on since yesterday afternoon.

I just love the look, I think I have the touch… πŸ˜‰

Now, to take that cabin and remove it as a separate file so I can add some shadows to it while trying to make a small “picture story” to a friend of mine trying to get the hang of gmax. πŸ™‚

The result and the knowing that I can share this with friends and other people is what drives me – and which for me makes all the work and research & time spent on it well worth it!!

Yes, my good mood is back!

All the best


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