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Modeling, do we need it?


Need to play with this blog thingy, and after figuring out how to make categories I figured I better write some words about modeling too.

I’m not sure about you, but I do need modeling!

There are something with the feel you get after you have made something your self that is so great that it is very hard to explain how it is.
I just love to sit back and look and look at things I have made, at least the ones that look great! I can rotate the view in the view program I use for looking at Trainz files, or in Trainz it self, and just marvel at my own creation made out of sort of nothing…

Before I discovered the Virtual modeling I used to do real world modeling, and it was the same there, when I was able to make a great model I felt so proud and sort of wanted to show it to all, and just look at it and be happy with what I was able to create.

For me, modeling is a very important part of my life, and I will continue do that for ever I think even if I sometimes have to take breaks from it because I end up just frustrated and getting no where.
The latest example for that is the Sampler for my Cripple Creek project that I’ve been working on and now lately most off on…

This morning I was so happy as I had managed to make the height fit without the need for the fill in I mention on my webpage, but if I go for that solution the side dimension don’t add up so I’m sort of back to square one, again.
This is frustration, pure frustration for me – and really kills of the pleasure of modeling.

But, I know a new day will come, a new project, or a finish of an old one, or something else – but I always end up back in gmax and Trainz just because I love what I do and I need to do it!

All the best


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