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Re-union time – as in, finding a lost friend…

Today, finally, after looking since February this year, I was able to find a dear friend of mine that I managed to loose in the snow an early stressful morning I had an appointment with my Doctor and had to remove lot of snow, while it was snowing…

We have had snow smelting for weeks now and almost all is gone, and still, I was unable to find it, but, this day, this day it was all to change!! 🙂

Oh glorious day!! 🙂


Not where I had though to find it, but none the less, must have happen a minute or so before I noticed I had lost my friend, I had driven the car in the snow out to the end of our driveway, cleared a little snow around it and it must have happen then…

My dear bellowed Canon Ixus 220HS must have slipped out of my pocket while leaving the car, got on the ground, and in the snow, darkness and stress got caught on the snow shovel and been thrown about 1,5 to 2 meter into a big pile of snow, totally unnoticed until a minute or so later while back at the house and about to leave for the car…

I totally, totally fell apart right there and then, got be about 10.15 minutes late for the appointment, I was a nervous wreck, bad driver, slippery icy road – thankfully a truck in front of my drove slowly so I had to do it my self, cursing at him for being that slow as stress and catastrophic thoughts ran wild through my system.

Tears running, world crumbling, thankfully I had no accidents, but I do know I should not have driven, but, I had no choice, I needed to get to my appointment.

The only good thing then was that my Doctor could see that side of me as well, where I had little control but fought hard to get it back!!!


And, today, on the 21 of April 2015, there, in the snow, on top of what is left, almost under a small tree, there was something shining, something partly black, something that made my hearth race – and yes, YES!!!!

There it was, my camera, somewhat discolored on the arm-strop, and one of the covers on the side, possible less black then I remembered it, but other then that, it appeared to be in good shape.

I yelled happily, I ran in with it, took out the battery and memory card, left it in the western window to dry out a little with the lid open where the battery and card was inside.

Later today I put the battery into the charger, it was red, but some time later, hours, it was green – maybe a good sign, yes? 😉

I have not tested the memory card yet, and I try my best bot to test the camera, has no hope it has survived except a tiny bit of hope, but I do hope my card has survived, but will let them stay inside with me for some time before testing them.

So, fingers crossed, hopefully this bad episode can have a happy ending, I sure need one as life generally is like it been for over ten years now, a nightmare and I see no way out of it…

To who ever read this, thank You! 🙂



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